Friday 24 January 2014

My projects for February.

Well I'm back from Germany. It was a great trip, even though it was freezing cold. Anyway, coming back has brought me to the realisation of just how much stuff I have on my Hobby Plate for the next few months. Here is my rundown:

- Warhost Challenge: An "event" of some form being run by Games Workshop: Sydney. It comprises of a painting challenge for Warhammer Fantasy. 3500 points in total, 700 of which can come from a "mercenary" force. I aim to do about 2500 points of High Elves, and 1000 of Dwarves - Ignoring the restrictions.

As part of this, I am going to refit all my bases with cobblestone bases - Including a display board for them. If I'm entering this thing, I am going all out.

- Armies on Parade Board: I'm doing a Death Korps Trenchline, but full on. We are talking a foot and a half tall with numerous dugouts. The display board will take the most time, especially the hours worth of pigmentation that I will need to do. 

I am unsure whether or not I want my DKK army fighting Necrons of Tyranids. If It's tyranids, I will have them tunnelling into the Barracks dugout. Not sure what to do for Necrons though. 

- Death Korps of Krieg: Need to paint these guys up for some upcoming events and for Armies on Parade.

- Tomb Kings: I have about a thousand points of these guys sitting at home, unpainted from when I first collected them eight years ago.....some are painted, but they are terrible. I want to paint these guys up as a side project.

- Tau and Eldar tournament army: Lol, the funny thing about this is that I have been gaming with these guys for ages, but none of them are fully painted. I really need to crackdown on getting them finished as it is continually hammering my tournament scores.


So, in order of my preferance:

3 Broadsides + Riptide.
Death Korps.
High Elves + Dwarves.
Armies on parade board.

A lot of stuff.

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