Tuesday 28 January 2014

Tyranid Vanguard Dataslate Hilarity

Here's something that Cyphus just messaged me about. It's pretty.....well.......hilarious.

- So, after some debate amongst the community, this was deemed NOT LEGIT - so if someone tries to pull it on you, check out the comments below for what to reply with.

Alright, so. The Tyranid Vanguard dataslate is pretty cool. I will draw your particular attention to the Broodlord's Hunting Pack. Look carefully at the formations deployment rules.

Ignore the part about arriving from reserve.

The second part is a killer. The entire formation can be SET UP anyway in a ruin, just as long as it is more than 6" away from any enemy models. Okay, that's pretty good. However, what if you're deploying first? Seems you can place your formation units anywhere in a ruin within your opponents deployment phase. Fill up all the enemy ruins and then await their deployment.

Here's the big fish. You can RAW, as far as I can see, assault......It is NOT an Infiltrate move, or a Scout redeploy. It is NOT arriving from reserve. So what is stopping you from deploying like this and then assaulting first turn?

Let me know if you find anything so we can, hopefully, slam this away. Otherwise, it's a nice trick for Nids.

- Out.


  1. That would be an awesome deployment method however the dataslate's "Unsuspected" special rule reads as follows:

    Models from this Formation that are deployed within a Building or Ruins using the Infiltrate special rule can be set up within 6" of an enemy model.

    Therefore, since the genestealers were deployed using the infiltrate rule, they can not charge on the first turn and thus never the shelf...

  2. Short addendum: As for the Broodlord's Hunting Pack, the key word in the paragraph for the special rule is "alternatively. The entire paragraph reads like this:

    Units from this Formation that arrive from Reserve can be
    set up in an unoccupied Building. Alternatively, they can be set up in Ruins terrain, as long as they are set up more than 6" away from any enemy models.

    While I don't understand why GW didn't say just state the rule in one sentence, for example:

    "Models arriving from reserves can be setup in an unoccupied building or in Ruins as long as they set up more than 6" away from enemy models"

    The logical use of alternatively, clearly implies that only models coming in from reserves can deploy in ruins.

    As a Nid player, I don't like that Genestealers can never charge out of reserves or outflanking but that's just the way it is in this edition.

    1. OR, when they said "Set Up" they meant deploy.

    2. Also, the fact that they use the word "alternatively" does not mean it is supposed to come from the sentence beforehand. Since it is an alternate to arriving from reserve, wouldn't it be deployment?

    3. Thanks Dark_Gear and Anon for your input. Keen to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

    4. @ 2nd Anon:

      As the Broodlord's Hunting Pack rule deals specifically with having the Pack enter from reserves, the word "alternatively" presents an alternative deployment option for models coming in from reserves rather than, as you are suggesting, a method of deployment that does not require models to come in from reserves.

      That is very important nuance.

  3. This is also something I found interesting.


    Manufactorum Genestealer Broods may not include additional Genestealers

    which doesnt stop them from taking Broodlords.

    So 5x 5-man Genestealer + Broodlords can be pretty effective and keeping an enemy army pinned.

    1. Interesting. You're paying a lot of points for it though.

  4. Genestealers have the infiltrate special rule.

    Units, with 1 model with this special rule, are deployed after all other units have been deployed....

    From the rule I dont see that they can choose to deploy "normal". They can choose to be set up as infiltrators or stay in reserve.


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