Monday 23 December 2013

Something Interesting: Change to building embarkation.

Just a quick post today, most of us are busy with Christmas so don't expect much from the team over the next few days! 

Thanks to Flashkid123 for this, but on page 15 of Stronghold assault it states that Jet Pack and Jump Pack infantry may now embark into buildings. Previously, buildings followed the vehicle transport embarkation rules - that disallowed those types. Interesting revelation.

I edited my last post about my tactic about this, so I will make a new one next week. However, the summary of it is to use an Escape hatch to Slingshot Jet Pack units out of a building. You can easily get 24 inches of movement:

12" Hatch placement.
6" Disembark.
Shoot/or Run.
2d6 Jet Pack. 

You can gain a few extra inches by placing the building only just within your deployment zone, and then deploying a uni within that building. 

My main example for this tactic was for flamer Crisis suits or Warp Spiders.

- Out.


  1. Wooo, recognition!

    Sounds like a good idea, fusion suits could easily go up the board and blast their favourite toy without the dangers of deepstrike.

    Merry christmas!

    1. Yeah, fusion is a great idea, especially since it has a 9" melta range!


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