Thursday 19 December 2013

Hormagaunt Profile Leak.

Hmm, so long story short, this is what is rumoured/leaked to be the new Hormagaunt:

No statline changes.
1ppm decrease.
Bounding leap is now a +3" to run moves.
Retains Fleet, Move Through Cover and Instincts: Feed.
Adrenal Glands cost the same.
Toxin sacs increase 1ppm.


Of course we don't know if there has been any changes to the biomorphs, and a lot of people are still hanging out to see what changes are coming for Scything Talons.

There has been a lot of negative feed back on these guys, but, to be honest, I can't see why. Gaining a 3" run move whilst being reduced in points is great. I don't know about you, but those 3" are huge when there are 120 models coming across the board at you.

- Out.


  1. Sounds like both big and little bug builds are gonna be viable from the rumors. I love hordes of bugs myself so this is good news!

  2. so i go from best of 3 dice to run to 1d6+3, the 3 dice were more than likely better if not even. Increasing the cost unless there is a way to give them armor(fnp), grenades, and some other trait to stop overwatch means these guys will never see the field.

    1. Average on 3 dice is 4.958333333
      Average on 1d6+3 is 6.5

      Their battlefield role doesn't change. Either you keep them cheap (which they got cheaper) and tie up the enemy. Or supe them up and have something else charge first (gargoyles).

    2. With the three dice run, you had a 1/2 chance of any dice rolling 4 or better, and you could only get at most 6 inches. With the new bounding leap you are guaranteed a run of 4 and can get a run of 9. So you now have a a 1/2 chance of running 7 or better, not factoring in fleet.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. well
      1) I could swear the article said 1ppm increase and now I read 1ppm decrease. a) Clearly I need more sleep) b) This points decrease means I will use them more (if I can get more than 6 troop slots.)
      2) on the math let me see here my DISCO is a little rusty.
      (deleted to rusty, i see three ways to present the numbers and they change the odds depending on if you roll the dice one by one or all at once, and the odds don't look correct)

  3. Eh, the negative feed back seems to be not everything got cheaper.
    Naked guys improved in price per effeciency, super hormagaunts stayed the same. (Unless toxin/adrenal changed). Then add the 3+ charge. Win, just a minor one.

  4. That's the point. A minor win isn't enough at all. These guys need a serious buff to be viable in 6th ed. Nothing known at this point says they will ever see competitive play.


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