Sunday 17 November 2013

Armies on Parade Ideas.

A few of us are thinking of entering it for 2014. We are going to bounce some ideas of you guys:

TommyH: Aftermath of a battle. Apothecary detachment arrives, with escort, to retrieve geneseed.

Spicerack: Catachan Jungle scene off the front of the old codex cover.

CrAzY: Either an Eldar strike force emerging from the Warp or a DKK unit about to charge out of a trench WW1 style.

Ruby: Space Marines holding their position against a Tyranid Swarm



  1. Like Spicrack and TommyH ideas, havent seen them before.

    Ruby - nice idea, depends how you do it as similiar has been done.

    Crazy - like the DKoK idea. How would you do the eldar one?

    A really cool diorama would be based on this:

    1. Have multiple warp portals open with vehicles coming out of them. Piece of oval plasticard, paint on the lightning effects, cut off half the vehicles and stick it so it's emerging.


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