Saturday 16 November 2013

Inquisition Codex: My Impression.

Some people will hate this post, some won't. I've had a look at the codex, and here is what I've got:

Firstly, it seems that Coteaz makes his henchmen scoring, irrelevant of the allies level. It simply states that they are scoring "even if they are not from your primary detachment."


So, Serpent Spam, Vect and Coteaz....4+ Re-rollable seize with everyone scoring (still mindful of desperate allies). You could even upgrade three acolytes into power armour and just have them sit on objectives. Not sure if it's worth the points but definitely an option.


Servo skulls can be accessed extremely cheaply by other armies without impacting upon any allies combinations that were in place. Remember we had a discussion on anti-scout White Scar tactics? Well there you go. 25 point Inquisitor and some skulls. 34 points.


Liber Herisius is pretty damn good for that low a points. If you wanted, you could run an inquisitor combat bomb inside a scouting land raider. Talking of which, having priests in that unit now is an auto-take. Especially since you can be tanking hits like crazy and dish out a lot of damage on the return.


Double Termie shock MIGHT be something:

Malleus: Terminator Armour + 3 Skulls.
Malleus: Terminator Armour.

= .139 points.

Deep strike the inquisitors in to be a nuisance.


Cheap divination for Battle Brother armies. Inquisitor with Mastery Level 1 and Divination = Prescience for Guard armies on the cheap. Double those bad boys up and you're sweet.

If you wanted to go psychic crazy on Guard, you could take triple Psyker Battle Squads + three more henchmen psyker squads for a load of High Str, low AP large blasts. Or even just small ones. 30 point henchman unit. Bam. Str 5 AP4 (pretty good vs GEQ). Not cool with kill points though.


In my mind, this codex is geared for MSU. Now, of course, if you wanted to go themed, then by all means, grab whatever you want.

I'm pretty sure I will be seeing Coteaz all over the place from now on. Especially since he won't be messing with allies combos.

- Out.


  1. Looks like Christmas came early! Just about to download the book but from what I've seen so far this is pretty much everything I could have wished for but never thought they'd actually do... Mwaahaahaahaa!

  2. Yet again imperials get a bump..... So why do I always play the bad guys? ;)


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