Tuesday 1 October 2013

40K WarZone Hobbyist: entry #1

The time has come. 1st of October, first entry for our competition.

You can paint whatever you guys want for the first entry in the competition, but just a miniature (not a whole unit). You can paint an infantry model, vehicle, monstrous creature...whatever you want! Nothing like giving a little bit of freedom to start with. Next entries will be more specific, but for this time, we want to encourage people to be part of this community. 

All the entries have to be send to:
You have to send the email with the next details:
Name of contestant:
Model: (here you have to specify what kind of model it is and "name" it if you want with a nickname or name)
Details: (optional. You can explain how did you paint it, some of the colours used, army that they belong to...)
Pictures: It would be required to send, at least, 2 pictures. 1 with the model assembled before being painted, and another one with the model already painted. If you want to send more than one picture of the model painted (back, front, details...) it is encouraged. I will manage the pictures to put them all 
together as one.

All the entries must be submitted before the 31st of October. 

All the entries will be published ASAP after that date so you can guys can vote for your favorites. 

Don't hesitate to ask any further questions about it and we will help you about them. 


  1. Can I clarify: Is the name of contetant your blogger name or your actual name?

    Lets get painting!!!

    1. It can be your blogger name, your nick name, your real name, your nanas name...whatever name that you wanna use for the whole competition! so Cyphus is alright ;)

    2. Thanks for the clarification!


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