Tuesday 1 October 2013

How many Wraithknights is enough Wraithknights?

If you have played my Eldar list then you will know I am a huge fan of running triple Wraithknights. Yet, I am constantly told that "three is far too many" or "waste of points mate." Is it? I don't believe so, here is why:

One Wraithknight isn't that scary. Two are a nuisance, but, three are intimidating (for most).

Offense: They pound most things. Str10 Hammer of Wrath if particularly hilarious if you manage to insta-kill their warlord..........bad luck. I like running them stock standard as to run the chance of being able to Insta-Kill Riptides and other annoying MC's with my Distort. Plus, It means I can pop higher AV values without blinking. A lot of players forget that they are JUMP Mounstrous Creatures. You Ignore all dangerous terrain tests so just Jump, shoot and Battle Focus (If you have Iyanden Spiritseers). Surprise! 13-18" first turn....


Defence: T8. That is all I have to say. Except, reserve the mofo's vs Dark Eldar and Deep Strike straight onto the bother board edge when the Serpents have dealt with the Venoms. 

My usual play style with them is (when going first) to line them up equally across the board. Preferably in area terrain. This is to maximise the intimidation factor upon my opponent. If I am going second, I can do exactly the same thing or go triple wing rush onto a key point in my opponents lines. The wild-card factor is that even if you lose one......you still have two more. This brings me onto another key point. What to do vs Grav.....

Run....and hide. Unless you are somehow getting a 3+ cover save for this bad-boy, keep them in reserve. They die fast to Grav (and poison for that matter) and nothing is more disheartening then seeing your Knights die first turn. Even if you're going first, reserve them. Serpents should be able to whittle down the bike squads relatively quickly. Especially if they have scouted into range for your Dire Avengers to jump out of their transport to lend fire.

Has anyone played a similar list? Leave feedback below.



  1. LOL @ 3 Wraithknights.

    1 bloodthirster will go through them like the plague through a calcutta slum.

    Grey knights will force weapon them to death.

    Obliterators will completely annhilarte them in two rounds.

    Stormravens can make them disappear very easily.

    Dark Eldar and Nurgle lists make a mockery of your T8.

    There are way too many ways to completely neutralize a WK that its not worth blowing 700-900 points on three of them. I have a hard time justifying putting a single one in my lists they're so ineffective.

    1. You're discounting pretty much everything else in a list where this is actually an option. Each WK takes a reasonable amount of attention to down. Multiply that by 3 and you've got most of your army (or whatever's capable of downing them) trying to get rid of them.

      Say you'd take this at 1850 like all the cool kids are doing at the moment, then you have SIX or MORE wave serpents to deal with. If you've taken a venom or anti-MC list, you've lost. If you've taken a combat list, you've lost. If you've taken a flyer list, you've lost. Good luck getting that bloodthirster into close combat with 2-4 wave serpents pissing all over it.

    2. Who even runs a Blood Thirster these days anyway? Or Obliterators for that matter?

    3. No-one that I know of.

  2. Good post. I run two Knights in my local gaming area and everyone has a hard time bringing them down. I had completely overlooked the fact that the Wraith Cannons caused Insta-Death on the roll of a six. I've missed out on killing the Swarm Lord at least ten times by now!

    1. Hey mate, thanks for dropping by. In my first game against Tau in a tournament a few weeks ago I managed to Insta-Kill two Riptides turn one just by the chance of the dice. Sometimes it works out better than expected....sometimes.

  3. Hey man, I need to talk to you. Can you shoot me a message? talkwargaming@live.com

    1. You can email us at 40kwarzone@gmail.com anytime you want.

  4. CrAzY424, really like your article.

    You mention Wave Serpents. Can you please share one of your lists with three Wraithknights with Wave Serpents? I plan to make a Eldar Wraith army and you have me thinking about it more.



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