Wednesday 2 October 2013

Tournament Play: Time restrictions - 90 Minute man.

One thing that drives me insane at tournaments are unrealistic time limits. I'm not talking about being forced to finish your game by turn five.....I'm talking turn 2.

Siceralc and I have attended a large number of smaller hosted tournaments. They are usually great events, friendly and not over the top competitive, but, they are usually heavily restricted in playing time. We attended a doubles tournament two weeks ago (750 points each) and in each game we only got to turn 3 (or even only turn 2 in the last one!).The main issue is, obviously, points vs time.

The issue: Opening hours and points limits.
Okay, we can't get around opening and closing times. However, setting high points knowing we will only have 90 minutes to fully play a game is completely ridiculous. One upcoming store has a tournament for 2500 points in 90 minutes...............

Realistic solution: Dramatic points reduction. When it comes down to it, a 90 minute allocation should max out at 1000 points in singles and 500 points a side in doubles. Furthermore, all games should be played on a 4x4. This won't sit well with the pro-gamers but the majority of tournaments that suffer from time restrictions aren't part of that competitive circle. Okay you can't take a Farsight Bomb or triple Wraithknights, and, I know that some armies have a relative advantage a these lower points (Annihilation barges anyone?) but it's a realistic solution. I would much rather be tabled by some small elite OP force in a full game then be beaten by my opponent scoring first blood and then the round ending...........which has happened...........and been done by me also.

And that's just 40k........

Fantasy is far worse for someone like me who is still coming to grips with the deployment process. We have a great story about the "turn 1" tournament game which we shall save for another day.


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