Monday 28 October 2013

40k Meta: Zombie's #2

SO. We are on the quest to find the perfect Zombie list for "Meta" play.

Here is the previous list:

Here is the "new" and hilariously "improved" list.

25 Zombies.
25 Zombies.
25 Zombies.
21 Zombies.
20 Zombies.
5 Chaos Spawn - Nurgle.
5 Chaos Spawn - Nurgle.
5 Chaos Spawn - Nurgle.

Khorne Spawn Lord.
5 Chaos Spawn - No Mark.
25 Zombies.


Usual drill. Infiltrate and mass movement.

Ignore flyers/tank shooting/swarm.

Grid lock would be an issue, but if you're grid locked, so is your opponent. Also, opponents might hate your movement phase.......

- Out.


  1. How do you make the allied cultist zombies?

  2. Fortunately for us exploitative types, Typhus' entry simply states that 'any unit of Chaos Cultists in the same army as Typhus can be plague zombies'. With that kind of wording, we just HAD to take advatage of it.

    No FAQ corrections yet either as far as we know.


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