Tuesday 13 August 2013

Rumour Watch: Tyranids...Watch your Borders....

Tyranids are rumoured for November and this just appeared on Bols.

Please note: no source was given and this may be wishlisting.

-Tyranids are after Space Marines
-Look for them before the end of the year
*New Minis:*
Tyranid Prime (finecast)
Harpy. Roughly size of the heldrake. Pretty much looks like the picture in prior codex.
Doom of Malantai (clamshell package)
Parasite of Mordrax (clamshell package)
Termagant sprues recut for more options (some chatter says Genestealers)
Mycetic Spore
New "Big Bug" kit (Because every army needs one!)
*New Rules: *
Pyrovore gains Torrent and a steep points reduction.
Hiveguard gain Skyfire

If this is true, bugs are gonna be a' squishin!


  1. I wonder how much bigger the Nid bugs can get....

  2. It would be awesome to see more tyranids players around.

  3. Bugs are definetly in need of an update. My local GW has about 5500pts of the critters that got creamed by about 2000 pts of (very lucky) eldar. This should never have happened!!

    1. The new kit will be hilarious. No doubt it will be as big as a Wraith Knight just to make it that much more appealing!

  4. Haha, would've loved to play Eldar in that game. I've a recent curiosity for Nids- New dex rumors.. skyfire on hiveguard with a 4th elite slot, oh hello.

  5. Torrent for Pyrovores, that would surely make them more viable.. (This was NOT sarcasm)


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