Friday 23 August 2013

Units examination: Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

  • Unit name: Pink Horrors of Tzeentch
  • Unit type: Infantry
  • Special rules: Brotherhood of Psykers, Daemon of Tzeentch, Daemonic Instability, Deep strike, Blue horrors, Magic made manifest and Psyker.
  • Good at: Casting psychic powers.
  • Use against: Anything thats T1-5,  especially infantry with bad saves.
  • Countered by: Pretty much everything.
  • Description:
Beauties. If you are a Daemons player, or are thinking about starting an army, make sure you have at least 20 of these guys. Seriously, they are cheap and, in big numbers, brutal. 
Their stats are pretty average, not making them any good in close combat, and they can be easily killed if you don't have them in cover. The main strength of the unit is the face that they have the brotherhood of Psykers USR with a variable mastery level depending on the unit size. Yeah, that's right, so you can cast powers of Change. They have some nasty powers, but the main one that you will be using every single turn is actually their Primaris Power, Flickering Fire of Tzeentch. This power is a shooting attack (the thing that Daemons lack the most) with 24" range, S 5 and AP 4... assault 2D6! The number of shots can be increased by a D6 per mastery level thrown into the casting, so level 2 is Assault 3D6 and level 3 is Assault 4D6. If you include a Herald of Tzeentch in your unit you can potentially shoot 8D6 shots per turn...that's brutal...
But this is Chaos my friend, and not everything is shiny smiles and colourful flames. This attack also has Soul Blaze and Warpflame, which can also be a bane on yourself... Basically, after you cause a wound in a unit, that unit must realize a Toughness test. If the test is failed, the unit suffer an additional D3 wounds, but... if they pass the test, you give them Feel no pain 6+ for the rest of the game...and not just that..if the unit already has Feel no pain, you increase it by +1, so don't keep shooting at the same unit or you can give them a 2+ Feel no pain......
Due to their short range, you have two different options: play them aggressively moving forwards to your enemy and objective or stay back holding objectives and destroy anything that comes close. 
Moving them forward, unless you have a really good cover, is quite risky as Pink Horrors die very easily. Everytime one dies you are one step closer to weakening their ability to manifest psychic powers. As soon as you get in range of almost anything, start using your powers. They might be a double edged sword, but they're also worth it. 3 Colours can tell you, I killed his WraithLord in turn one just with a single unit (he rolled poorly on the saves too...), almost a whole unit of Ork Boyz, a unit of walkers, etc... He learnt the bad way to stay away from them. 
One last tip. If you play them with a Herald, or if you have any Heralds in your army, give one of them "The Portalglyph" and use it in the first turn far away from the enemy line of sight, in cover if possible"difficult as it scatters 4D6", but try. This item let your roll at the end of your movement phase for new units. If you get 1-3, nothing happens, but if you get 4-6, a new unit of D6 daemons of your choice come to the game (troop choices). My advice, always get Pink Horrors, cause even if it's just one, is still a Psyker that can shoot 2D6, while getting any of the other options would be pointless as having a unit of 3 Plaguebearers of Nurgle for example is useless, unless you wanna hold objectives...

  • Scores
    • Close combat: 3.5/10
    • Ranged attack: 8.5/10
    • Defense: 5/10
    • Utility on games: 8.5/10
    • Quality/points prize: 9/10
    • Overall: 7/10


  1. Needless to say, I hate these guys - they have killed numerous units of mine (including a Wraithlord which was my own fault for failing 3 out of 4 saves) and can be extremely difficult to kill. I think moving forwards is probably a better option because then you force your opponent to deal with them rather than just ignoring them and firing long-range weapons at them.

  2. I want to ask the reason for giving them five for defense. You said that they die to anything. Why not a One. I never take these for that reason.

    1. Hey mate, thanks for replying, the scores are a guide to how each of us runs their army. They do also have a 5+ invul save that can't be taken off by AP values so in comparison to other T3 units (like guard) they are already on top.

  3. Exactly, the 5++ inv. save is the reason for the 5 in defense. They can die quite easy, but they also can get a save from heavy AP

  4. Personally, i would rate their utility lower. Maybe a 6. I prefer to have all my psykers as demon princes and Fateweaver since they can survive for longer. Play as you will though.

    1. Oh, nice one with the DP's. I hear biomancy is nasty when used by them?


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