Wednesday 21 August 2013

Units examination: Bloodletters of Khorne

  • Unit name: Bloodletter of Khorne
  • Unit type: Infantry
  • Special rules: Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic Instability and Deep Strike
  • Good at: Close combat
  • Use against: infantry not specialized in close combat
  • Countered by: ranged attacks and shooty units
  • Description:

As one of the core units from the Chaos Daemons army, the Bloodletters of Khorne are clearly the best close combat choice Available. With their WS 5 and S 4, plus Furious Charge in the first turn, chances are that you can inflict a lot of wounds on your enemies when you assault. They have lower I than other units and no grenades but when they strike back they really hurt. 

The best part of this unit is not just their above average combat stats, but their weapon. All of them use Hellblades, that, basically, are close combat weapons with AP 3. That gives you really high chances of winning the combat phase, unless you're facing Terminators or something like that...

I always play them in a big unit of 20 with a Herald of Khorne and advance towards the enemy as fast as I can, always out of line of sight or in cover. Second option to engage quick is to Deep Strike, but if the enemy has any large blast weapons in their army is not such a good idea, as they can wipe out the whole unit with ease in one shot as they only have their 5++ from the Daemon rule. Once you get in combat, your opponents face drastically changes (I've seen that in 3 Colours face) as chances are that if you did well in your advancing, around 12-15 + the Herald will still be alive, and that's around 30 attacks at S 5 AP 3... Trust me, they're worth it. You can't never have enough of them. 
  • Scores
    • Close combat: 8/10
    • Ranged attack: N/A
    • Defense: 6/10
    • Utility on games: 8/10
    • Quality/points prize: 9/10
    • Overall: 7.5/10

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