Friday 30 August 2013

Rumour Watch: Dark Elves and New Spray Paints.

Space Marines have pretty much drowned out all other news. There are however, two things:

Firstly, Dark Elves. This rumour came out a few days ago but because it was from Fantasy, not much publicity was given to it:

Via Soulferin on Warseer:
One of our country representatives on ETC was speaking with some VIP (i can't say who are these people) whose name is seen in each of the army books. The VIP told him that he has already tested new DE. There will be plenty of new models, two new monsters, two models of hydra, very powerful offensive lore with nice attribute which will boost it in addition. From the items will be for sure Sacrifficial Dagger which will work similar to the old one. You get PD on 4+ but you can roll as many times as you want till you roll 4 or more. Cauldron of Blood will be in a unit. That's all what he can say for now.  

Secondly, new GW spray paints?

Via Guyver on Warseer:
Had a chat with the guy at my local store about the new sm codex which he was very exited about when he told me out of the blue that they have been told to expect new citadel colour spray paints to go along with the sm release.

via Jmefr8 on Warseer:
The colours are mepheston red, macragge blue, the fang and calliban green (info from talk wargaming)

Edit: oh yeah and they're €13.50 don't know what that would be in other currencies.  


I have taken to airbrushing now so have abandoned GW spray paints all together, but, for those who are still rocking them then I am sure this will be good news?



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