Saturday 31 August 2013

Dark Eldar List Idea

This is the first list I have come up with:
Silvered Helm (Duke Sliscus)
The Poisoned Shard - 17 Kabalite Warriors, 2 Warriors with Splinter Cannons, Sybarite with Ghostplate Armour and Splinter Rifle
The Veiled Blade - 4 Wyches and Wych with Hydra Gauntlet mounted in Venom with dual Splinter Cannons and Nightsheilds
Shadow Runners - 8 Kabalite Warriors, Kabalite Warrior with Splinter Cannon and Sybarite with Ghostplate Armour, mounted in Raider with Nightsheilds and Splinter Racks
Fast Attack
Speed Strike - 3 Reavers with Cluster Caltrops and Heat Lance
The Crimson Blade - 5 Hellions
Heavy Support
Hell-light - Ravager with Nightsheilds
This amounts to roughly 1000pts, so an ok size for a starting force. Conveniently, a Battleforce provides a decent amount of the force.
All comments are welcome!

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