Friday 30 August 2013

Units examination: Fire Warriors

  • Unit name: Fire Warriors
  • Unit type: Infantry
  • Special rules: supporting fire
  • Good at: shooting the crap out of everything
  • Use against: infantry and targets with low T to cause massacres. 
  • Countered by: close combat units that achieve to engage
  • Description:
What can I say about this guys that no one knows already. I wouldn't be scared of saying that they are, probably, my favorite troop choice in all Warhammer 40K, seriously. This guys are quite cheap for what they do, just 9 points per model. All of them armed with a Pulse fire Rifle with range 30" S5 AP5. If you include a gravitor drone, you also increase their range to 36". Oh, did I say that it's rapid fire? Yeah, anything that gets close enough would be involved in S5 fire power. 
But...there is a way to make them even better, or at least, the way I played them so far, always with good results: get a Cadre Fireblade to join the unit, and sit in the back holding objectives, and leave the rest of your army do the rest. If you play them with Aegis Defense Line, put your Cadre next to your Quad Gun, and get ready to laugh at those 2+ to hit S7 AP4 hits. The main reason why I play my fire warriors with the Cadre is simple: when they stay stationary and don't move, they get an extra shot in the shooting phase (not overwatching). So we are talking about 3 shots in rapid fire range per model, which is brutal and destructive cause your S5 will cause a lot of wounds. Yeah, just AP5, but the S counters that "weakness" if we can call it that way. 
If you want to have even more fun, place them 6" away from a Broadside Team and wait until someone decides to charge you...Seriously, Crazy can tell you that I cause 8 wounds to his Chaos Lord overwatching...
Overall, I think one of the best troop choices in the game including their 4+ armor save. Based on the fact that they´re just troop choices, it´s how I did my scores. 
  • Scores
    • Close combat:  4/10
    • Ranged attack: 8.5/10
    • Defense: 5/10
    • Utility on games: 9/10
    • Quality/points prize: 10/10
    • Overall: 7.5/10


  1. Umm.. Are you reveiwing pathfinders or fire warriors? Cause thats a pic of a pathfinder and fire warriors cant take pulse accelarator drones, so no 36" range pulse rifles. Nice idea with broadsides, thats absolutly brutal!!

  2. They pretty much raped myT5 chaos lord....with on,y over watch.....nasty.


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