Tuesday 9 July 2013

Upcoming battle - Space Marines and Tau vs new Eldar

This Thursday will be my first battle with the new Eldar rules and models and I'm facing Ruben's Space Marine and Tau allies.

At this point, tactics are out and the new models are in - I have included Illic Nightspear, a Spiritseer, Wraithguard with D-Scythes, a Wraithknight and a Crimson Hunter. Also in the list are Guardians (yes Guardians), Dire Avengers, Rangers, Jetbikes, Swooping Hawks and a Wave Serpent.

So what's the plan? Well, I really want to see how the D-Scythes work in-game so the Wraithguard with Spiritseer will start in the Wave Serpent and will hopefully be rushed into the midst of Ruben's army in the first turn for instant-kill fun! Illic (my Warlord) will join the Rangers (only regular Rangers though) and will hopefully instant-kill any annoying Characters (I'm thinking with the Sternguard). The Guardians will sit back and cover the Rangers (I have a feeling that some Assault Terminators may make an appearance) while the Dire Avengers will push forward for objectives. Jetbikes will either flank and attack or sit back and perform last-turn objective stealing. The Crimson Hunter and Swooping Hawks will start in reserve ready to take out any vehicles (i.e. a Predator and Whirlwind). Oh and the Wraithknight, not sure about that yet - probably Suncannon a unit a turn.

The army list lacks any close-combat units so I'll be relying on the abundance of Shuriken Catapults those pesky Space Marines. The battle report will follow soon.

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  1. Awesome, shame I will be in Dubai when the match up occurs. Will be interested in seeing how the D-Scythes work for you. On a second note, Guardians are awesome!


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