Wednesday 10 July 2013

Painting: Airbrush?

Siceralc and I just went halves in an Airbrush set and it has got me thinking about potential ideas for my Eldar.

I've never been particularly happy with my Eldar colour scheme. Red and Bone looks okay but I've been wanting to change it for some time.....enter the airbrush. From the few painters who we have talked to, the opportunities put forward by the tool are amazing. The most important of abilities is the use of stencils. I want to begin to theme my Eldar army towards more of a Corsair force and as such am considering on ordering a few "mini" stencils to use with the airbrush. Such as these:

There are a few other companies that do "mini" stencils but you get the idea. Obviously these would be mounted on my tanks. It won't really matter if the entire pattern needs to be broken up because of turrets/air intakes on the vehicle etc, it will still get the desired outcome.

Anyone got any experience using stencils on models?


  1. Those skulls would look pretty rad on some grav tanks. I want to see some pics.

    1. I will be uploading pics as I go. Hopefully it turns out awesome.

    2. Just bought an iwata compressor and SOTAR 2020 airbrush myself. Delving into the world of airbrushing for the first time too. Looking forward to seeing your work.

    3. Oh cool, definitely post up some of your work. I've been watching a few videos on youtube to get an idea of what is actually going on. I found these videos to be of most help:

      And for stencil work (of which to aspire to):


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