Tuesday 9 July 2013

Dark Eldar Tactics: Fast Attack.

The only thing that Dark Eldar love more than violence is speed. It is their best defence, offence and is the heart of many engagements. What is on offer? Let's have a look:

Not my cup of tea. However, if you are looking for some fast moving combat units that have slightly more staying power than Wyches then Hellions are where you should go. They best Synergise with the Baron as he makes them troops which is always nice. Having Hit and Run as standard with Jump Infantry and Fleet makes them the definition of Glass Hammer. Three str4 attacks each on the charge (buffing to Str5 with pain tokens) is pretty standard. They are essentially Assualt Marines but with a higher initiative and a crap armour save. Make sure to always fire the Splinter Pods before you assault, you want to take out as much of the enemy squad as possible before fleet assaulting in.

Take them in either smaller squads of 7-10 for harassment or if you are running Baron go all out with 15-20 with a Helliarch armed with a Power axe. Remember that they get Combat drugs of which everything is useful for them.

You have two main options here:
1. Anti-Infatry.
2. Anti-Tank.

Anti-Infantry building consists of taking 10 Scourge with four Splinter Cannons and using them to just destroy infantry units.  34-42 Splinter shots will put a dent in almost anything, especially if you have a Farseer with Doom hanging around.

The Anti-Tank build is relatively the same except you swap out the Splinter Cannons for Haywire Blaster's. Four Haywire Blasters will destroy pretty much any tank by just glancing it to death.

Or use the same tactics but in smaller groups of 5. Up to you.

The main problem with these guys is that while they are offensively great, they will die relatively easily. If you have a Haemonculus hanging around, get him to start with the Squad (unless they are Deep Striking) so you gain FNP. 4+ armour and then 5+ FNP makes them all the more survivable.

You want to bring the pain? Do you want to make a cheap harassment unit that almost ALL Dark Eldar should include? Well get some beasts in there! Beastmasters are absolutely awesome. They get even better if you include the Baron in the squad as you can play with a bunch of Look out Sir shenanigans. Firstly, let's look at the unit:

Beastmasters: I usually take three just to be on the safe side of keeping Ld8 around. It also opens up more squad options.

Khymerae: Your quintessential assault beast. You really can't go wrong with these guys. Four str4 initiative six attacks each is deadly for only 12 points a model. Did I mention they also have a 4+ Invul?

Clawed Fiend: I know a number of Dark Eldar players who say that the fiend is pretty bad........but it really isn't. at T5 it is able to absorb a lot of shooting that might otherwise Insta kill your other units. It also can become a combat machine once it gets down to a single wound (8 attacks on the charge).

Razrowing Flocks: awwwww yeah! Spam as many of them as you can. They should be MAXED out in every squad. Five wounds and attacks each with rending........boom.

Here are some simple builds:

Cheap Harrassement: 1 x Beastmaster, 2 x Razorwing Flocks and 2 Khymerae. 66 points.
- Easy to spam and can handle itself well in combat. If it gets shot dead then who cares, it was to cheap to really worry about.

Flockhorde: 4 x Beastmasters, 8 x Razorwing Flocks. 168 points.
- If you aren't facing a lot of S6+ weapons then run this. It will eat almost anything that you throw it at. 48 rending attacks on the charge plus another 8 str3 from the Beastmasters is pretty decent. Did someone say Doom?

Baron Unit: Baron + 3 x Beastmasters, 6 x Razorwing Flocks, 4 x Khymerae and 1 x Clawed Fiend. 214 points (no Baron).
- Here is what you do. Place the Baron outfront of the unit. Put a Razorwing Flock and the Clawed Fiend in base contact with him. Anything that is Str 1-5 LOS onto the Razorwing Flock and anything that is Str 6-9 LOS onto the Clawed Fiend. If you are facing a Str10 weapon that isn't Barrage then stick a Khymera next to him as well to get that 4+ Invul. If you manage to fail some of the LOS rolls then you always have you Shadow Field to survive with. This unit hits like a Brick, strikes at Initiative (as long as Baron is alive), has Stealth and has Hit & Run. Yeah.

Zooooooooooooom. You want speed while still being able to attack? Reavers are your choice. Easily one of the best Fast Attack choices in the game. They have Combat drugs, Skilled rider, the ability to move 48" a turn and best of all, do D3 str4 hits each on a unit you turbo boost over. Honestly you couldn't go wrong by simply taking 6-9 of these guys and just continuously turbo boosting every turn. With Skilled Rider they get a 3+ cover save....yeah! If you plan on doing this then its up to you if you want to take Cluster caltrops. They can be useful for the fact that you might get Six Str6 hits which is pretty nasty. The Grav-Talon is pretty cool but you need to take two of them to average out the maximum chance of causing pinning.

The other way to run these boys is as an Anti-Tank unit. I usually go this route. Nine Reavers with three Heat Lances or Blasters. Turbo boost first turn (hopefully killing a few models on the way) and then just move in for the kill after that. I prefer Heat Lances simply because getting within 9" melta range is extremely easy with these guys and AP1 makes it very dangerous.

I know some guys like to run a champion with a Venom blade for combat Support but I don't think its really needed. However, by all means if you have the points then go for it. They can sometimes do well in combat simply by the fact that they first fire their splinter rifles.....then assualt in with Hammer of Wrath followed by each guy having three attacks each (plus whatever bonus you rolled for Combat Drugs and Pain Tokens).

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