Tuesday 16 July 2013

Rumour Watch: Sisters of Battle?

Another whisper from the girls at the Adepta Sororitas.....this one from Jervis and Phil from the event: Enter the Citadel.

Taken From Mauler on Warseer:
SistersOfBattleNerd, I didn't forget you: SISTERS OF BATTLE/BLACK TEMPLARS will get attention and are not in line to be dropped at this time. I spoke to Jervis Johnson and asked him myself and he said "Every army is getting worked on and will be updated in time." But obviously in true GW fashion he couldn't say when or if it would be via codex or supp. Personally I believe codices will be used when I consider what a supplement is for, but that's just me.


Enigwolf from Dakka:
Oh yeah, one last thing about the Sisters of Battle. According to Phil Kelly, the reason why they never got plastic minis was because they couldn't be plastic moulded by the current process. He wasn't really sure what the issue was, but there was something about the sculpt which meant that it could only be cast in metal. Presumably this led to declining SoB sales and a lack of development in them as a result.

I feel sorry for Sisters of Battle. They are still a rocking force and it's a shame they have been left to fade into the abyss. Whether they get a full codex is still unknown but for the sake of SoB players out there.....this is another crumb on the trail.


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