Tuesday 16 July 2013

Book Review: Down Amongst The Dead Men (Short Story)

Author: Steve Lyons.
40k Focus: Death Korps of Krieg.
Plot: An alien quite rudely interrupts a DKK training exercise.
 Legibility/Flow: 6/10.
Depth of story: 2/10.
Reader Engagement: 2/10.
Overall: 2/10

Lyons mate, you really dropped the ball on this one. Firstly, considering that many of the novel length books are in the $15-20 range for Ebooks (which is what I read on), I was expecting a $6 purchase to be longer than 26 (Ebook) pages.

The plot was pretty bad which was a shame as I really enjoyed Lyons' other book: Dead Men Walking. To then read this was a shock. Constant, and I mean constant, use of rhetorical questions nearly made me stop reading by page 10. The plot, even for a short story, is fairly basic. Something that was imagined up over an afternoon's cup of tea and a biscuit before being written up, edited and sent off to Black Library two hours later. I won't "spoil the twist" but it is fairly obvious what is going to happen most of the time. The one positive element in this short story was the small amount of information on the training regime and breeding programs of Krieg. Not worth the $6 though.



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