Monday 30 December 2013

Revenant Titan Batrep

Well, I just used the Revenant Titan for the first time in normal 40k. It was pretty hilarious.

Ultimately, I lost the game. However, the Titan caused a hell of a lot of damage. I was facing off against Optimus Prime Time's Farsight Bomb. My list was as follows:

10 Guardians in a Serpent.
2 x 5 Dire Avenger's in Serpent's.
3 Jetbikes.
Revenant with Pulsars.

The Titan sat on the Skyshield for a 4+ invul save. I got seized against but first turn was mostly out of range shooting on OPT's part. The Broadsides tried to punch a few holes in the Titan but failed to get through the multiple layers of protection.

My first run arrived and I threw Fortune and Guide onto the big boy. He shot at the Bastion holding the Broadsides and, unsurprisingly, detonated it. Nothing else was in LOS so the serpents just moved around a bit.

The big moment had arrived. OPT landed his bomb, which was loaded with Tank hunting Missles and Fusions, right in front of the Titan. However, even after re-rolling to hit, Markerlight support and Tank-Hunters, nothing got through. The Holo Fields alongside a 4++ re-rollable save stopped at least 15 shots. OPT then Jet packed under the Skyshield to hide from the Death templates (The Titan is big, so gaining LOS to units under the skyshield can be a bit difficult). 

I jumped the Titan 36" to the other side of the board so I could blow apart the remaining Broadsides. The rest of my shooting was fairly useless, taking a handful of wounds off the bomb and being left in a huge disadvantaged position.

OPT's third turn saw him pretty much destroy the rest of my army.

My third turn saw me jump 36" and kill a handful of suits (No guide on this one unfortunately). I failed my charge though :( lol.

OPT took some more shots and proceeded to charge my Titan. Stomp only killed one suit, but it was enough to force the entire bomb to fall back.

My final turn saw me shoot a few of the leftover suits and attempt to force the Kroot off the objectives. I failed and the game ended.

Overall, I think the lesson is quite clear. Whilst the Revenant is a huge killer, it does cost 900 points, which leaves you with very little breathing room in the rest of your army. If your opponent manages to wipe out whatever troops you have left, then the game is all but over. 

Next up, trying it with the Sonic Lances!


  1. what was the point value of the game?

  2. Don't forget to Guide/Prescience your Sonic Lances.
    Auto Hit and Re-Roll Failed Wounds (Template Rules)

    1. If sonic lances are templates, guide/prescience won't help.

      Those powers only grant re-rolls to hit, template weapons don't roll to hit. Only twin-linked template weapons re-roll to wound and being guided/prescience is not the same as being twin-linked rules wise.

  3. Mind if I link up this report?

  4. a skyshield provides cover, not invul save.

    and i don't think it should provide cover to a revenant - not unless those aegis walls are covering at least 25% of your model. read the rules on vehicles in cover. That titan is so tall only a city block building or bastion is likely to provide 25% of the model cover - thereby giving you a legit save.

    1. A Skyshield provides a 4+ Invulnerable save for any models standing on top of it when the sides are raised. It's quite clearly stated in the rulebook, so you should probably check things like that before correcting people.

    2. I did look it up and I stand corrected. I assumed it was an aegis defense line on a pad - since that's exactly what the model looks like. But it is indeed an invulnerable save - something to give the skyshield a little more value over the aegis.

      Nevertheless, it does seem a gross abuse of a rule never intended to be interpreted that way - unless i'm missing something and there is supposed to be a shield generator providing the the invul save - which seems unlikely since it goes away when the walls unfurl (it is provided by the walls)

      One thing to note, the terrain type for the skyshield is "unusual" - "the top surface of the skyshield landing pad is open ground" - so it does seem that anyone could deep strike onto the pad, even an enemy. And reason would suggest that if you are also on the pad, any invul save is negated. But not everyone wants to play by what is reasonable.

    3. It actually IS a force field that provides the invul save and it does not violate any fluff to grant this protection to something as tall as a titan.

      You do have a point with opponents both being on the pad though. The 4++ should not work in this case fluffwise but of course it does according to rules.

    4. Thanks for your comments guys. FYI, my opponent is used to playing with broken rules and abuses, he is a RAW guy to the core.


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