Friday 26 July 2013

Opinion: Supplements.

Personally, I love the idea of Supplements. However, browsing through the internet and talking to some of the guys down at the store it seems that some have mixed responses.

Firstly, the rate at which GW is releasing material is still surprising me. Just when I thought that monthly army book / codex releases was awesome, GW spills this onto us. Eldar first, Farsight a week ago and Black Legion in a few weeks. These are just some of the "negative" opinions I have been hearing from the community:

1. Their OP army now has to worry about not only new codexes coming out every two months but the addition of supplements............
- Personally, this is really a load of crap and I hate competitive complainers.

2. "Money grab."
- This is pretty simple.....if you have an issue with the pricing of the supplement then don't buy it. You can alternatively wait until they become second hand on Ebay similar to other books.

3. Tournament Organisers having to deal with more question/rules.
- The only complaint that I can agree with. I do feel sorry for TO's who have a hard time keeping track of just what the hell is going on with checking army lists, checking USR's etc. It will continue growing and soon they may have to begin to check lists earlier or have dedicated rules lawyers.

4. "My army hasn't got one yet, it's unfair."

The reason why I love supplements is A) they bring much more to the gaming experience and B) They are being released on top of codex's. I got the Farsight supplement because I plan on giving it a run.  

I think the fact that we are seeing a supplement release during a Fantasy month is an indication that we can see them released every month well into next year. The one question that I have to ask is what will happen when Fantasy 9th edition is released? Will we begin to see fantasy supplements similar to 40k? Personally, I can't see them releasing 9th edition next year as all their work into getting the books out monthly will have to be repeated.

We want to hear the opinions of everyone. I have no doubt most will be positive but there must be one out there who disagrees!

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  1. My only gripe with the Codex Supplements would that that apparently they're not going to stay in print? I know it's not really an issue if you're willing to go digital on them (which is probably where I'm going anyway), but I find that...odd.

    1. Interesting. Haven't heard about them not staying in print. Digital will stay for sure. Would imagine hard copy would simply just become an order as you need item.

    2. Well, the Iyanden supplement isn't available on GW's site anymore and my LGS's quote on release day was, "We've got two copies and when they're gone, that's it." I took that to mean they were a limited print run, but again, I can't understand why that would be.

    3. Well, never mind: the Iyanden book is back. I have no idea what my LGS meant then... :)

    4. Might have just meant they won't be ordering any for the shelf stock.

  2. Love supplements. Think it is a great idea for GW. It keeps the veterans happy by adding a few rules to tweak the army and loads of background. And if the rumours are true ( debatable as Stickmonkey was source:-P) they may release related plastics with them in the future. Which would be great!!

    1. I go on and off Stickmonkey depending on how objectively I can read his "rumours." Most of the time they are still worth posting about simply because any rumour is better than no rumour (and it also opens up the community for a discussion). Bring on the new models!

    2. Thats my favourite of his rumours so far. I hope its true - plastic aspects and jetbikes yes please!

  3. Love all the supplements cause they give more variety to our armies, but the fact that's is an extra book it's annoying. I mean, if you play allies like me, it's painful enough to carry 2 codex. I think they should include some in the codexes.

  4. I have to say it's really only a return to what they were doing a few years ago. You look at the Armageddon campaign and the half a dozen 'additional codexes' they released around that time. Before they were all integrated into the current codexes you had salamanders, speed freeks, and the half a dozen imperial guard regiments that they still make models for. I'm really looking forward to this increase in diversity, and I do hope it won't just lead to supplement specific exploits, but rather to seeing the composition and display of armies reflect the fluff from the 40k universe.


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