Saturday 27 July 2013

Your opinion: who is your favorite HQ?

Doesn't matter if its Warhammer, or Warhammer Fantasy, we would like to know which one is your favorite HQ in your armies, how do you use them, epic moments that you remember...

In my case, I really hesitate between Captain Darnath Lysander from the Space Marines, and Skarbrand from Chaos Daemons. 
I explain myself. I looooove Skarbrand. I think there's nothing in 40K that can take him down in close combat, and once he engages he destroys anything in his way, and I mean it, everything. I remember one game playing against Chris and by himself he went through 20+ boyz, 3 deffkoptas and 5 Nobz with a Warboss, all of this getting lots of power before engage. Problem? He lacks wings to move faster. He's not reliable as he's relatively easy to kill with fire power before engaging, but if you manage to engage, your opponent can pray everything he knows, he's screwed. 

On the other side, Lysander. He's such a beast. Tank in human form. 2+ and 3++. If he had a higher T he would be amazing. He can easily smash tanks into pieces, if you put him with your Sternguard for example, they re roll to hit when shooting and once in close combat, his Thunder hammer with S10 really hurts. All of that with W4. I normally play him either in the middle of my army, getting all the enemy's fire power on him while advance, or deep striking (normally in turn 3 or 4 at least because of my famous luck with deep striking) behind the enemy lines with a Terminator Assault Squad. I miss a simple boltgun or something like that...

From Warhammer Fantasy, I haven't played in 14 years, but I remember that I use to love Grimgor (I used to play Orks and goblins, fanatics powaaaa). In Spanish it was Grimgor Pielhierro, but I don't know his name in English...

Which one is yours?


  1. Space Pope for my tau. I don't care that he isn't that great. I just always imagine like space ship noises as I float him around the battle field. And yelling like a prophet from halo at my fire warriors when they take morale tests.

    Also I wish marbo was a HQ.....Cus then he'd my be my favorite on sheer awesome alone.

    1. I've suffered Marbo already...he's a pain in turn 2...

  2. huron, the crazy space pirate that turns your marines into ninjas

  3. Karandras. He has a decent model(to paint) and is a beast in combat - although not as good as skarbrand

  4. the swarmlord, he's and amazing commander, with reroll reserves, rerolls outflanks for the whole army,psychic poweres, level 2, all guys within 18" are fearless, and can give guys prefered enemy and furious charge. top it off with a 5 wound ws 9 s 6 t 6, who's close combat weapons inflict instant death, ignore armor saves, and force you to reroll succesful invul saves, i think he's easily one of the best


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