Monday 15 July 2013

Black Templar Codex? Space Marines in September?

Well Natfka dropped a bombshell onto the community a few minutes ago. A source has been sighted saying that not only will we be seeing Orks in 2013, we will be seeing Black Templars as their own codex.

From Faeit212:
via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Now apocalypse is released there are 2 major upcoming armies
-Orks (around October)
-Black Templar (around December)
This is to represent the third war for armageddon

WOOO! The boys in black are back.....potentially. Of course, as usual, nothing can be taken for granted until the release actually happens. Natfka has some more material in the making that should set the release record straight. Having Orks "around" October is awesome to. In my post a few days ago I thought this might happen simply because there are 40k slots free for this year that no one has claimed. However, does this mean Space Marines in September?

Games Day UK is in September and many forums around the web are suggesting that the two would coincide. 

I'll be waiting to hear what the other rumour kings have up their sleeves about this new development as I'm sure it will be making it's rounds of the web any minute now. Will keep this threat updated with info.

One more thing. Natfka mentioned this in his full post which you can find at:

Themes. A release themed around the Armageddon campaign? Interesting to say the least.



  1. First Eldar, now Orks! GW really want to separate my money from my wallet...

    1. Everything is rumours at this stage. All that is "certain" is the Space Marines are either in September (which would make sense to me) or October. I hope Orks are this year as I would like to see them on the tabletop more.

    2. It'd certainly be nice to face something eithout a hint of Tau.

  2. Chris is actually playing against me with orks this coming Thursday.


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