Sunday 14 July 2013

New Fortifications.....Good or bad?

Well the new fortifications are out and they really couldn't be more underwhelming  then what GW have made them......
If you are yet to see the rules then go for a quick google search or hit up 4chan Traditional Games. There was a lot of hype about the new fortifications coming out and to be honest I believe GW has dropped the ball on this one.

The Firestorm Redoubt:
Beefy bunker with two quad lascannons on top of it. Sounds good? Wrong. The Quad cannons can only be auto-fired at BS2 and must at the closest MC or Flyer if there is one on the board. Now of course there are some that say it would have been "broken" or "completely OP" if they had been able to be manned. However, it already costs a lot of points and I believe that would have gone a long way in balancing it out. It will still cause an itch for your opponent but unless somehow the power gamers find a way of breaking it I doubt we will see many around.

Vengeance Batteries:
The Jury is still out on this one. It is definitely useable but being an Emplaced Weapon that is mounted on a Impassable building means you are firing at BS2 automated fire. The Battle Cannon is the way to go unless you're facing a deep striking army (you don't want those BS2 scatters anywhere near your own troops). There are some rules lawyers arguing that being in base contact with the building will let you fire it but I doubt they will get this past many players. 

Aquila useless point:

Correct me If I'm wrong but new releases are meant to make me WANT to purchase them. Nothing about these pieces entice me in any way unless they find a way to man the Vengeance batteries. I often wonder what is actually going on at the design teams office........

On a final note. What's the go with the "off the sprue" cuts that GW is sending the fortifications out with? It would cost more money to do that then leave them on it. Kinda looks like it has been shipped in from our favourite and completely legal supplier of models in the east. Interesting GW....Interesting.

What do people think? Are the fortifications good or bad?



  1. Expensive and not worth it I think. I will stick with my aegis lane defense with quad gun. Chris loves it.

  2. Again it comes down to whether you're comfortable playing static or not. The thing about all the fortifications with the exception of the Aegis and Skyshield is that one melta shot is all it takes to reduce your 250 point Fortress of Retention to a smoldering pile of rubble filled with the crushed bodies of your prized troops.

    Used as an anchor or map control point I can see any of these fortifications having a use, but in the way GW is pushing players to spend vast amounts of points on them when they're really so fragile... It's just not worth the trouble.


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