Wednesday 1 May 2013

Warhammer Fantasy: A new beginning.

Tomorrow is a busy day. First of all both Ruben and Chris have a 2,000 point battle lined up. Secondly, Alasdair and I have decided to delve into the realm of fantasy and have a 1,200 point game. Hopefully we can bring you some pictures of the matches. Until then I thought I would quickly post about what I want to collect over the next few months.

I decided to bring my old Dwarves out of their dusty case (hasn't been opened in six years) and see what I could field. Alasdair is fielding Dark Elves with a much more updated list than mine but overall we are more concerned about learning the rules at the moment.

I don't plan on keeping my Dwarves as my fantasy army for very long as I have decided to restart with the new High Elves. I've been ambitious and am going for a purple colour scheme that involves more than 3-4 steps (unlike my other armies). Here is my inspiration:

Taken from

One of the most amazing paint schemes I have seen to date and well out of my skill range but with the help of Chris (whose wet blending is incredibly good) I hope I can get half way there.

Will keep you updated.

Till next time.



  1. Sadly due to work commitments (that I had completely forgotten about), our 2000pt W40K game has been downsized to a slightly quicker 1000pt game. That being said, I'm still aiming to use Eldrad's psychic awesomality (it's a word, I looked it up) to destroy those demons.

    Thanks for the painting compliment - I will teach you everything I know, so make sure you free up at least 17 minutes.

  2. Oh that sucks but not all bad news!

  3. It's a pity, but Eldrad died....a minute of silence for him, please...


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