Tuesday 30 April 2013

GW Blog Attack

Well I woke up this morning to discover that both Faeit 212 and Bell of Lost Souls have been taken offline by google. It seems that the two giants have fallen to Games Workshop's copyright protection policy.

In addition to this a number of other smaller blogs have been hit by the same hammer as the other two. Why this has occurred is due to an infringement on copyrighted material such as leaked pictures of codexes or White Dwarf.

Faeit 212 has had a number of copyright cases brought against him over the past year including:

Bell of Lost Souls has had a similar serving. I assume Google has succumbed to GW and has had to take down the infringing blogs.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope these blogs have only been taken down temporarily while they battle it out with Google and GW. They are a part of the gaming community and it doesn't take much effort to see the shock this has had on the hobbyists.

Warzone in the future won't be posting pictures of White Dwarf or copyrighted material but I will provide a link to a website that does.

Till next time.


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