Friday 3 May 2013

Fantasy: First thoughts.

After seven years all I can say Last night my Dwarves faced Alasdair's Dark Elves and we discovered just how ridiculous Dwarf artillery is. In the first game, every roll from the Organ guns was a the end of my first turn I had wiped out half of his army by just using artillery. After quickly finishing that game up (with a victory to me) we moved onto a slightly larger game (200 points more). I added in a Grudge thrower with the Rune of Accuracy and Penetration. It killed the most out of everything I had and I fear facing them with my High Elves. The second game was a loss for me but no matter, we were more concerned about the rules.

Next week we are having another 1200 point game with HE vs DE. Should be fun.

Till next time.


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