Sunday 5 May 2013

Tau empire & Eldar vs Chaos Daemons. Thoughts.

First game that I played against Alex, and I got smashed into mash daemons. This game was like a trial before my game against Chris, to see how my army would work, and as I only have troop choices and a skull cannon, it was more or less as I expected. 
Positive things about this game? I learnt lots from Alex as he plays very competitive, he knows all the rules, and is a good mate, so always enjoyable to play with him. I can gladly say that the Skull Cannon was the MVP of my army, as it manages to kill lots of infantry in just 2 turns. His ballistic skill 5 make it awesome for not to scatter so much, and S8 AP5 ignores cover make it great to kill sneaky and weak units like pathfinders, snipers or lootas. 

I also learnt that Plaguebearers are great at holding objectives in ruins and stuff like that because they get 2+ cover save with his shrouded Nurgle special rule. By the end of the game, they were the only ones still alive... 

I couldn't really test Skarbrand, because I deep strike him, and he got killed in a turn (Alex shot at him with his whole army, so I can't blame him...) and the Bloodletters of Khorne suffered exactly the same death. Just the herald survived, and managed to kill 5 harlequins in the close combat phase, which was quite impressive. 

Negatives, my pink horrors that normally perform great, did absolutely nothing this game (Alex killed 11 of them in the first turn just shooting at them). But know I know how to use them. It's a shame that they don't work very well against Eldars with the bloody 3D6 in psyckers test, but I have to say that in the later game against Chris, they did pretty well. 

I learnt a lot about Tau, how marker lights work, and the HQ that Alex used was amazing. That's is the army that I would like to start, as I want to have a fully shooty army like Tau, and they can ally anyone. 

I learnt that the deep strike doesn't work very well unless you can shoot with something, and daemons lack fire power as they can't shoot at all, just with magic or heavy support. 

I learnt that you have to stay the fuck away from the bloody walkers with scatter lasers cause they shoot anything to death. 

I learnt that harlequins are scary, but not indestructible.

And I learnt that I don't have to rush against the other army, as I always do, cause that way I just get killed. 

So, daemons are way more complex than what I thought I the beginning. They can be painful in close combat, but they need to engage first, and they have no power armor or anything to save them (besides their 5+ invulnerable save), so they cannot run in the field like nothing's going on like a Terminators Squad. I have a lot to learn, but my journey just started, and I know there are gonna be more awesome games after this one. 

The second one that I played against Chris is being written. He's writing the battle report, and that one was a massacre from both sides, with a great fight between the warlords. 


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