Saturday 27 April 2013

Doubles Tournament: Summary.

What a hilarious day. We managed to score overall joint second, best painted and best sportsmen but it was decided that winning all three awards would be unfair so we were awarded with overall 3rd and best painted. I didn't mind the decision as we walked away with $70 worth of vouchers.

Best painted was hilarious as we were only one of two fully painted armies and it just came down to players liking our armies better.......Thanks to my Dark Eldar..

The entire day was great but the only problem was the usual time constraints. In the first two games we only got 2-3 turns in as they only allocated 90 minutes per match. 

Matt and Luke's Dark Angels and Blood Angels. The Relic: Win 12-6.
We had a good match but I don't think they did, while we were being nice, the nature of our list meant we naturally looked like over the top competition players. It was a bit close as we completely forgot the time constraints and nearly ended up losing the relic. In the end no one got the primary objective and we won on secondaries. Unfortunately both Alasdair and I completely forgot to take photos of this game so we have none to show you.

Chris and Steve's Necrons. The Scouring: Loss 12-5.
Combination of Wraiths, Annihilation barges and Night Scythes. Long story short, we got owned. We were pretty much wiped out by turn two and the only reason we were not completely tabled was due to once again the time constraints working in our favour and Chris and Steve both agreeing to end the game. Good game and great guys to play against (although this is the second time I have been tabled by those wraiths. First was at Cryx cup last month). Here are a few shots from the game:

Jeremy and Sean's Dark Angels and Imperial Guard. Crusade: Win 12-5.
This was the only game that we managed to get to the end of comfortably. Azrael was parked in the middle of a huge guard blob that failed to charge our objective holders two turns in a row (bad luck!). In the end we held 4/5 objectives and 2/3 secondaries. They managed to steal line breaker and stop us from gaining the 15-3 win but no matter, was a good game.

Coming 3rd was most likely due to the fact that we got decent paint scoring and terrain bonus points and not, as we had hoped, our gaming. Marbo, for once, did not make his points back in all three of the games. The Vendettas did their usual as managed to kill off what flyers we had to face. The platoon command flamers were a bit useless as by the time the Vendettas flew onto the board and dealt with enemy fliers, the game was over due to time running out. The Splinterborn Venoms did well in our 1st and 3rd games but got whacked in the 2nd. Overall I think we did okay, a few mistakes around the place but no matter. Next up we have fantasy doubles in four week's time and possibly another 40k doubles at Good games or Tin Soldier.

Till next time.


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