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High Elf Pictures and Rules!

Just received some pictures in the mail:

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From HERO's Gaming Blog.

Everyone has ASF, Martial Prowess and Valour of Ages
Mages get +1 to cast High Magic now instead of +1 dispel, called Lileath's Blessing
Dragon stats are..
Sun Dragon - 5s, WS5, T5 S5, W5
Moon Dragon - 6s, 5 attacks Ld.8
Star Dragon, WS7, S7, T7, 7 wounds, I2, 6A, Ld.9
Everyone has 3+ AS, Terror

Flamespyre Phoenix = 225
WS5 S5 T5 W5 I4 A3 Ld.8
Special Rules:
Attuned to Magic - 5+ ward and close combat attacks are magical.  in add, when rolling to determine the strength of the winds of magic, compare the highest d6 rolled with the table below and determine the effect.
1 = ward is 6+ instead
2 = phoenix has -1 s
3 = phoenix has +1I
4 = has +1A
5= +1S
6=ward 4+
Fireborn - 2+ ward vs. wounds caused by flaming attacks
Flaming Attacks
Large Target
Phoenix Reborn - as soon as he loves his last wound, remove the model and place a phoenix reborn counter to mark the centre of the death spot.  at the end of the turn roll a d6 for each phoenix reborn counter and consult the table.  1-2 dead forever, 3-5 centre a large round template over the center, all models friendly and foe suffers s4 flaming, the counter remains in play, roll at the end of next turn, yours or oppos.  Rise from the ashes on 6+, place him anywhere within 6" of the center, at least 1" away and remove marker.  He is back with d3+2 wounds.  If you have a rider, he dies with the phoenix, or he returns with the phoenix.  If the phoenix died with a rider on him, add +1 to you roll.
Wake of Fire - if he moves over one or more uneganged enemy units, choose one of those units - that unit suffers d6 s4 hits plus d3 per rank after the first. flaming,

Frostheart Phoenix = 240
WS6 S6 T6 5W I3 4A Ld. 9
Attuned to magic
blizzard aura - any enemy UNIT in base contact with him has ASL and -1S
natural armor 5+

Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower = 70 points
2 Sea Guard crew
Rare, can take up to 4

Great Eagles 1+ = 50ppm
Entire unit can get Swiftsense = ASF for 10ppm
Shredding Talons for 5ppm = AP

Tyrion = 410
WS9 BS7 S4 T3 4W I10 4A Ld.10
Sunfang = same +3S flaming, S4 breath once a game, magical
Dragon Armor of Aenarion - 1+ AS, 4+ ward and Fireborn 2+ ward vs. fire
Heart of Averlorn - MR2, if he dies, roll d6, on a 2+ he negates the wound and the heart is destroyed
Defender of Ulthuan - 18" presence

Teclis = 450
T2 3W Ld.10
Sword of Teclis - wound on 2+ no AS
Moonstaff of Lileath - one use only - you can either choose to add a bonus power die to each casting attempt, of if teclis suffers a miscast, the miscast is ignored.  In either case, Teclis' S and T are both reduced to 1 for the remainder of the game ROFL
Scroll of hoeth - one use only - same
Warcrown of Saphery - Increases his Wizard level by one, so he's a Lv.5 wizard technically
Teclis does not generate spells, he either knows all of the spells from High Magic or can choose one spell from each of the 8 lores (yes, chooses)
Lileath's Blessing - +1 to cast from all lore of high magic

Magic spells:
5+ augment 18"
immediately regains 1 wound, 10+ for d3 wounds.  Regardless of how many wounds gained, you also gain Fear.

Arcane Unforging
13+, direct damage with 24" single enemy model.  Suffers a wound on a dice grear than or equal to unmodified armor save.  No AS allowed.  Reveal to the caster all magic items, if you have more than one, randomly select one and its destroyed on 2+.

Drain Magic (sig)
cast on 7+
friend or foe within 18"
friendly augment, hex on enemy
all RIP spells affecting the unit are immediately dispelled, and affects of all other spells on the target unit immediately come to an end.  Can be all units within 18" for 14+.

Fiery Convocation
Cast on 19+
Direct damage 24".  every unit takes S4 flaming, at the end of every subsequent magic phase, every model suffers S4 flaming.

Hand of Glory 5+
augment 18"
Target's WS, BS, I or M is +d3.  You can choose all for 10+.

Shield of Saphery (lore attribute)
Each time a spell is succesfully cast, the caster and his unit immediately gain +1 to their ward save to max  of 3.  If you don't have one, 6+.  Stacks.

Soul Quench (sig)
cast on 8+
magical missile, 18", 2d6 s4 hits, or 4d6 s4 hits, 16+

Tempest 12+
direct damage.  large round template within 30" of wiz, scatters d6.  All models hit suffer s3 hits (models flying is s4).  If a model suffers any unsaved wounds, it suffers -1 to all hit both shooting and cc.  Those that do not use BS needs a 4+ to fire.

Walk between worlds
cast on 8+
augment, 24+
Gain Ethereal and can immediately move to 10" as if it were remaining moves sub-phase.
Can make it go 20" + Ethereal on a 16"

Purchaseable magic items

Blade of leaping gold - 70 points

Star Lance - 30 points, +3S, no AS

Reaver Bow - 20 points
+1S, volley Multiple shots 3

Armor of Caledor for 50 points

Shadow Armor - 25 points, 5+ AS, Scouts, Strider

Shield of the Mermrym - 15pts, shield, unless he's using a weapon that uses 2 hands, he has parry 4+, can be used with a magic weapon

golden crown of atrazar - 10 points, talisman

Moranion's wayshard - enchanted, 50 points.  Models on foot only.  Has ambushers special rule.  He can give archers or Spearmen up to 30 units in size the same immediately before deployment.  He has to join that unit if he does.

Kharine's Ring of Fury - 25 points

Gem of Sunfire - 20 points

Cloak of Beards - 10 points

Book of Hoeth - 55 points

Banner of World Dragon - 50 points - SO FUCKING GOOD WOW

Random Magic Items and other special rules:

Warrior mage - First spell generated by dragon mage is always flaming sword.

Windrider - Sea Helm on Lothern Skycutter has 4+ ward against shooting attacks.  Can also re-roll dangerous terrain.

Witness to Destiny - 4+ ward (assuming this is anointed)

touch of the everqueen - her close combat attacks vs. forces of destruction have HKB.

The shieldstone of Isha - Talisman, the shieldstone of isha grants Alarielle and her unit a 5+ ward vs. any non-magical attacks.

Stave of Averlorn - one use only, arcane.  It allows Alerielle to immediately attempt to cast a spell she already cast that phase, even if failed or miscast.

Stone of midnight - Alith 4+ ward, enemies suffer -1 to hit when shooting against Alith or his unit.

Swooping Strike - a model upgraded has Devastating Charge and +1S on the turn he charges.

Talisman of Hoeth - Eltharion has MR1, counts as a Lv.2 Wiz, who uses spells from any of the 8 lores.

Mark of Asuryan - If Caradryan dies, d3 wounds no AS.

The moonbow - 36" S7 D3 wounds quick to fire, no AS.  dark Elves suffer -1 ld.

Naval Disipline - If a unit containing at least one sea helm is successfully charged during the movement phase, it can attempt to change formation immediately after your opponent has moved all of his charging units.  To do so, the unit must take a Ld. test.  If passed, immediately combat reform.  A unit cannot use this if made a Flee! or stand and shoot (doh!).

Pelt of Charandis - Korhil counts his AS as one higher vs. CC, 2 points higher vs. non-magic shooting.  Poison does not auto wound, wound as normal.

Phoenix Blade - +1S, flaming, d3 wounds, Caradryan's.

Quicksilver Shot - Models shooting attacks have quick to fire as do all sisters of averlorn and high sisters in the same unit.

Reckless - Dragon mage +2 to cast from lore of fire (cumulative with other bonuses), never receive bonuses to dispel.

Repeater Bolt Thrower - same, normal Bolt thrower or 6 shots, S4 AP.

Shadow Crown - Alith and his unit have Swiftstride.

Helm of Yvresse - +1 to Eltharion's AS and gives him and his mount 5+ ward.
Horn of Isha. enchanted. one use, can be used at the start of one of your movement phases.  For the remainder of the turn, all models in the unit receive +1 to hit on all shooting and close combat attacks.

Ilthilmar Barding - No movement penalty barding

Khaine's Ring of Fury - BL3, enchanted, Soul Quench from Lore of High Magic. 18" 2d6 S4 hits

Lileath's blessing - Models with this special rule gain +1 to cast when using High Magic

Lion Cloak - models wearing a lion cloak adds +2 AS against non-magical shooting attacks.

Gem of Sunfire - Enchanted. One use only. All bearer's spells, shooting attacks, close combat (and his mounts) have +1 to wound, provided they also have the flaming attacks special rule.
Golden Crown of Atrazar - Talisman, one use.  2+ ward against first wounding hit by wearer.

Armor of Caledor 2+, 6+ Ward, Fireborn special rule - 2+ ward vs. flaming
Banner of Averlorn - Spells from Lore of Light and Life by a friendly unit containing the banner are +4 to cast.  If Alarielle is slain, this is immediately lost.
Banner of World Dragon - 2+ ward vs. all wounds caused by spells, magic weapons, and magical attacks.  Furthermore, all dragons within 12" of the World Dragon have Stubborn.
Blade of Leaping Gold - +3 attacks, any roll to wound of 6 ignores AS.
Book of Hoeth - Allows the user to re-roll a single dice from each of his casting or dispel attempts, results of 6 cannot be re-rolled.
Cloak of Beards - Enchanted.  Cause Fear.  Against Dwarfs, cause Terror.  Dwarfs gain hatred vs. you.  At the start of each cc phase, roll d6 for each magic item carried by each model from warhammer dwarfs in base contact with wearer.  On a 4+ the magic item is destroyed and cannot be used..etc.

Deflect shots - 6+ ward against non-magical shooting attacks
Dragon Armor - 5+ armor, 6+ ward and Fireborn Special rule.

Dragon Fire - A dragon's breath weapon is S4, flaming

Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower
24" S5 Multiple Wounds D3, no AS

Fangsword of Iltharion - +2S, no AS caused by Fangsword

Boon of Isha - All models in the Everqueen's unit are magical.  Her unit is Immune to Fear/Terror.

Blessings of Ausryan - all models that contain an anointed of Asuryan havea  6+ ward save and is ItP.
Blood Oath - Ethlarion gains +1 to hit vs. Grom.

Chaos Bane - At the start of each of Allerille's magic phase, before rolling for winds, every unit with the demonic special rule within 12" of her suffers d6 s4 distriubuted like shooting.  However, she suffers -d3 penalty to her casting attempts if there is one of more models with demon within 12" of her.

Chayal - +2S, Paired Weapon, Killing Blow

Bow of Averlorn - 24" S4 Arrows of Isha, Flaming, Volley Fire
Arrows of Isha - magical. -1 AS against wounds caused to forces of destruction 

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