Wednesday 29 October 2014

Speedwing - The fast way to play X-Wing.

Alright, so you may have read a few months back that we had the idea to create a short and fast version of X-Wing for single night play. Well here is how it went!

To say the least, it was a raging success. Essentially, Speedwing is a two hour tournament that can be held and organised by pretty much any store. The boys down at Good Games Town Hall have been awesome in implementing the system. The details:

50 points squadrons.
40 minutes per game.
$5-10 entry.
3 x games.

It’s that simple. You can always scale it up to four games if you want, but usually no one is overly interested in being super competitive on points. The prizes are usually 4-5 different things of equal value, and coming first gives you first pick. On an average night, you will usually find 10-15 players for the fortnightly event down at Good Games Town Hall (where we religiously play at). It is great to see so many gamers jumping in on it. Some people don’t like the 50 points limit, as it has ended up in everyone pretty much running a single beefed up ship. However, this makes things REALLY interesting. It becomes a serious one on one dog fight. However, in saying that, the cheap swarm builds have been doing great as well.

I have been running a super Corran with the following:

Corran, R2D2, Engine Booster, Fire Control Systems, Push the Limit and Flechette torps.

Basically I just roll around the board getting myself into a position to double tap somebody with Corran’s ability, and then boost away to regenerate shields with the R2D2....who is THE MAN. Everyone has settled into their own unique builds, and really the only thing that is repeated by players is Whisper. At the last one we had FOUR Whispers rolling around the board. Which was great to see them playing off against each other. 

Anyway, It is a great way to learn how to fly your ships.

Give it a go.

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