Monday 8 September 2014

Fantasy 9th Edition and the End Times

Well if you have been keeping track of rumours lately, you would know that there has been some seriously heavy talk about Fantasy crashing all together.

If you haven't seen what I am talking about yet, head over to:

The muscle to the talk comes via Harry, who has a long track record of giving us accurate rumours. In summary, fantasy is on the downward slope big time. Will this mean that the fantasy community will tank also? Nope. In fact, here in Australia the gaming scene of Fantasy is 90% independent. They have their own FAQ's, their own comp systems and are never seen in the GW stores. If the big downfall actually happens, I highly doubt that the gaming scene for fantasy will stop. In fact it might actually become much more widespread. Alright so GW might stop making the mini's, but I bet a whole range of other companies start to suddenly make models similar in style........oh wait that has already happened!

Now, before we start getting all worked up about it, let's consider the second half to the rumour. That Fantasy isn't being wiped out, but rather destroyed and then re grown. I'm not entirely sure what the rumours mean when they say a "Skirmish system." Maybe they mean similar to The Hobbit? Mordheim? Who really knows....yet (The Hobbit, by the way, is a great gaming system). Moving to a round based movement system might make it very similar to what Warmachine does (both their systems are on round bases for future/historic). Maybe they will make it similar to 40k, but with fantasy models? Again, if it followed a system similar to LOTR, I am sure it would actually do well. 

All of this is, of course, complete speculation by this stage. I know the rumours come from an accurate source, but they are still rumours first and foremost. I won't be selling my fantasy army off, even if the company slams it into the tank. I doubt most other dedicated fantasy players will either.

I think if GW wants to change up fantasy for the better, then I welcome it. 8 editions down the track, it is time for some serious change. Imagine if we all still playing the original Star Craft but with updated patches? GREAT game but it was due a revamp. 

The future is bright.

- Out.  

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