Thursday 3 July 2014

Orks are back? Bring out the Shuriken Cannons.

Yeah! The boyz in green are back with style, and it looks like a majority of players in my local gaming shop are bringing back their green tides. The new rules for charging with orks have really given them a great edge, and gaining hammer of wrath with big groups of boyz is particularly hilarious. However, it’s pretty terrifying for my Dark Eldar. So what will I do? 

Firstly, I’m going to bring as many splinter cannons as I can. I already try to max out on as many as possible, but finding those 10 extra points for another one can be a huge difference when there are 100 boyz charging across the table at you (remember that we usually play 1250 point games at 4x4). Furthermore, there has been a dramatic increase in the showing of the new Mek Guns since the arrival of the new kit, but no problem! 4+ poison is a huge winner vs the Bubble Chukka, which is an amazing investment for most Ork players.

I won’t even begin to try and beat these guys in combat. There is no amount of weaponry that I can bring that will save me from being T3 and 5+. Even a handful of orks making it through can decimate the entirety of a squad. However, Wyches having a 4+ invul save will definitely be something to consider vs big squads of orks. I will definitely give Incubi a go, especially if I can crack on prescience. 

Aside from that, mass upon mass of splinter weapons for mowing down as many orks as possible will be the standard tactic. Second to that will be my backup plan for turbo boosting across the board when they get too close for comfort. Enhanced sails for the win! 

It will be an interesting next few weeks leading up to the tournament.

As a final point, I will say that I really hope Orks stick around. It seems that the players are driven towards Chaos Space Marines at the moment, or pretty much anything in power armour, so bringing them back will be a nice change.

- Out.


  1. What a refreshing post! Thanks! I haven't seen much online that comments on and supports the positive aspects and strengths of the new Ork Codex. Glad to see you've seen a need to counter-strategize against it too.

  2. Two words: Template Weapons.

    Carry on.

    Servicious, the Disgruntled Dark Eldar


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