Thursday 15 May 2014

3Colours Last Game - Moving to the USA!

Well it’s here. One of our own is moving to the US of A! 3Colours is off to take up a better job, and on his last gaming night (tonight) we thought we would let him choose what to do as the final game. It sucks we are still limited by store opening hours, so he went for a small 3,000 points a side battle. In less than two hours?!?!? Yeah! The kicker? Bring low model count. 

I decided to go with a Dark Eldar bomb consisting of Vect, Baron, Malys, Urien, Lelith and an Archon with a Clone field and Huskblade. Oh, and also a Raider with Aether Sails. Okay, I’m 35 points over, and have a illegal list, but 3Colours doesn’t care. He just wants to go all out. Hilariously, after we all decided on our random lists, he told us he wanted to randomise them even more! Bring the models and then draw an army out of the hat! Poor old Spicerack had decided to bring his treasured prize, his Shadowsword, along and now he isn’t likely to use it. The 3vs3 teams will be randomised as well. Whoever has my bomb will have a laugh in combat, but if the Shadowsword even looks at it, the entire squad will die, haha. 

Anyway, we should have some great fun tonight, and I think it is a perfect send off for a gaming mate.

Oh, and btw, his Eldar army (that isn’t being randomised) always counts has having Fortune and Prescience.....

- Out.

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