Wednesday 16 April 2014

Escalation at 750 points - Tournament chatter.

Our next singles tournament is on at the end of May (40k is now on the last Saturday of EVERY month), and we decided to roll it as a completely “GW original” event. So there are no restrictions on Super Heavies or D weapons (as we had before).

Let’s be serious for a minute....this isn’t a huge change. The points limit simply wipes out most of the Escalation book, but it does leave some room for the IA super heavies. The Shadowsword might make an appearance, but once you wipe the guard scoring, they aren’t going to get very far. The Stormlord is likely to be the scariest SH available to guard at this points range. Simply because it has the capability to absolutely obliterate two units every turn (prescience the big boy with a Primaris). 

Of course the guard ones in IA:1 are available, but will it change turnout? I highly doubt it. No one I know has access to such miniatures, and I doubt anyone is going to be able to suddenly come up with one in the next few weeks! Even if they did, those tanks are entirely ridiculous. 6 HP’s isn’t huge. Especially since a single Meltagun can still wipe out 4 of them. Or an Imperial Knight? That is MUCH more of a problem for gamers. It walks around with a 4+ invul shield and a D weapon in combat.  

I think it will interesting to see how many people actually bother to bring a Super Heavy. Even though I may not like them in my games, I do think that the community will need to come round to them eventually. Imperial Knights offer some form of counter to them. Although an Eldar Titan will just swat the IK from the table.

Let me get back on track. If, for whatever reason, half the people turn up with a Super Heavy, and the other don’ you bracket the two groups? It’s an interesting debate. Some would say that YES you should bracket the two. This way everyone with Super Heavies plays each other, and those without don’t ever face one. However, if everyone has a Shadowsword, it will quite literally be a case of who can shoot first, OR who can go into reserve second. Those games will be ridiculously quick as the main event is just literally dumping the D blast onto the opposing tank. However, the NO group could argue that against a Super Heavy they may stand a better chance. A few Meltaguns can melt the SH’s to nothing. Drop Fusion blaster Crisis teams can easily destroy one in a single round of shooting. SO is it really that unbalanced as to force bracketing? Personally, I’m with the “no” group.

Anyway, can anyone think of any stupidly good combos at 750 points with Escalation and Imperial armour allowed?


  1. I think it depends if you follow the GW tournament rules entirely. Two important ones being;
    A) If the overall winner is determined by victory points overall rather than wins (i.e even if you table your opponent with D weapons you still need a good no. of troops to hold objectives)
    B) If you have favourite game votes as GW do - this means that in GW games you essentially have 30 victory points resting on sportsmanship votes for a 5 game tourney (to give battle brothers as an example you gain 3 points per vote from each double opponent over the 5 matches; 3x2x5). Essentially you are not going to make these with screamerstars and D weps.

    1. Yeah we run a similar system on sportsmanship. Every "best sports" nomination bumps your score up 2 points. So bringing the hardest list will likely make you lose out on 8 possible points.


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