Saturday 1 February 2014

The Hobbit: My New list.

Alright, it's time for some more Hobbit discussion.

We love The Hobbit on this blog, 4/6 of us play it, and we all have fun doing so. However, sometimes we like to attend, or even run, some proper LOTR tournaments. We have three, yes THREE (incredible), tournaments coming up over the next few months. The first one is a 500 pointer that we are running, TommyH as the T.O (leaving me free to play), in early March. Here is my list:

10 Wood Elves with Wood Elf Spears.
Balin, W/Axe
7 Khazad Guard
Eowyn - Horse.
6 Sons of Eorl

Pretty simple strategy here. Hammer and Anvil.

The Dwarves will form the front line, with the Spear armed Elves providing supporting attacks at Fight Value 5. Thranduil will likely hang around the edges of the formation - ready to pounce out and knock down as many people as he can. Eowyn and her boys will flank.

Sons of Eorl are ridiculously good. Movement 12 is very powerful, and having a large amount of attacks at Str4, on cavalry, is great. The only problem with these guys is getting the models. They come in Metal, which sucks, and are expensive once you start even contemplating having to get mounted and foot. So I'll likey get regular Rohan Riders/warriors and convert them using Greenstuff and wire mesh.

Should be a good tournament. Spicerack has his usual bag of tricks - free might moves and the ability to cause me to double my might use. 

- Out.

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