Sunday 23 February 2014

Complete debrief of the Warzone Open.

Alright, so as I said before, yesterday was a great success.

Here is a link to all of the photos taken across the day:

We had 22 players play out at GW Sydney during the tournament, 11 of which went home with prizes. The Battle Bunker (as seen in the photo above) was PACKED, we were able to fit 18 players inside of it (Nine 4x4's). The other four players were outside using the regular gaming tables. No one complained of the shortness of space, but we definitely can't fit any more tables into the bunker. The entire store can fit a maximum of 30 players (for singles). Which isn't too bad. 

So, let's talk about what changes need to be made for the next one....

Painting. Overall, the painting scores had a HUGE impact on the tournament placings. In fact, the top two paint scorers came first and second. Adam, from Adpaint, was kind enough to volunteer his time to mark all of the painting scores. He has suggested we make some serious changes to the painting scoring system. Primarily in making the criteria much clearer. There were far too many questions that left grey areas. Adam, again, has kindly volunteered to make such changes.

Sports. The Sports scoring system was fairly simple. You gave your opponent a score out of 4. The system worked well most of the time, however, there were a handful of problem. Primarily, a lot of players felt like they had to give their opponent a higher score simply because they were standing next to them. Also, some players would repeatedly give their opponents a 2 (to give anything low, you must give an explanation). Even if they were playing the guy who won best sports. TommyH, Spicerack and I are working on an alternative system that should overcome most of these problems.

Right, so that's really all that went wrong.

Everything else went right.

60% Battle, 30% Paint and 10% sports really made it more of a friendly environment. The top three places were taken out by:

1st: Deathwing.
2nd: Sisters of Battle.
3rd Foot Eldar.

Both Deathwing (30/30 for painting and 10/10 for sports) and Sisters (28/30 for painting and 10/10 for sports) had only just above average battle scores . Only the Eldar had a Battle Score above 40/60. Make it an interesting result. We may change it to be 25% paint and 15% sports in the future to make sure that some players can still compete for a place without being at full paint. We won't be making the battle scores worth more as almost every person who attended made it clear that they liked it being "friendly." 

Was a great day, you should check out the photos and have a look at a few of the armies/games. We are running, for 40k, a Battle Brothers event on the 5th of April. It should be great. Look forward to you Aussies being there.

- Out.

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  1. Sounds like a good time was had by everyone. It pleases me that you guys still get a great turnout given the apprently declining state of tourny attendance. :]


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