Thursday 2 January 2014

Warzone in review - Starting a new year.

Happy New Year! What a year it has been. A roller coaster of rumours, gaming and blogging! Prepare yourselves, this is going to be a long post.

So, it seems like an age ago that Ruby began this blog back in March. However, we have seen it grow to become something of a dirty addiction for all of us. At first, Ruby and 3 Colours had the aim of writing a few articles on how their hobby was going. However, after running into myself and Spicerack, it was decided that we should write some additional posts about rumours, tactics and reviews. In the first few months, things were horrendously slow. Getting more than 100 views a week was a huge achievement, but we didn't particularly care about the numbers. We just enjoyed writing our thoughts down for the internet to read and comment on.

We don't consider ourselves to be some professional team of tacticians who want to instruct you on how thing SHOULD be done, but rather, give our own opinions on how we interpret rules, rumours and other strategies.  Even though I, Spicerack and TommyH all play in a competitive environment, we absolutely HATE the term "meta." We also don't take a liking to the arrogance that tends to grow out of heavy tournament playing, especially when talking about other people's lists. What we do enjoy, is taking our experience from tournaments and transferring it to anyone who is interested in it. You don't have to agree with us. In fact, we appreciate you commenting your own thoughts about any subject we put up! Even if it's against what we write. Everyone is welcome.


The numbers have been great! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to take a look at what we have going on with the blog. A HUGE thankyou goes out to all of the people who have linked us out to forums, blog feeds or shared our posts on Twitter. Especially to Natfka, whose support via his blog exchange and link-ups have given us a huge number of views. We can't thank you enough mate!



Thought it was time for everyone to re-meet the team:

Ruby is the forefather of the blog. He enjoys the more casual side of our beloved hobby and is in charge of the painting competitions here on the site. His PR skills in getting our blog out there are second to none and can spread the word on facebook like a meteor.  Ruby easily has the absolute worst luck when it comes to gaming. It is truly a spectacular event when he get's anything but a 10-12" scatter off a deepstrike. Let alone it not mishap. In almost every game I have seen him play, something extraordinarily unlucky has occured. However, he is the best sportsman we have, and is always up for a game - no matter who the opponent is.

3 Colours was the second addition to the blog. He earned his nickname after a mix up in which I called his beloved, and spectacularly painted, Wraithknight as looking like it fitted the "minimum 3 colour standard." 3 Colours is by far the best painter we have in our midst. His tips on wet blending advanced my own skill set immensely, and I thank him for it. Furthermore, he is also known for his ability to tell people, to their face, what he thinks of them. His famous quote, in a sarcastic tone, was "well you can blame the rulebook for being wrong" to a GW staffer who was trying to instruct him on how to assault......classic. Don't stop!

CrAzY424. Me. I am a rumour fanatic, tournament gamer and struggling painter. I routenily attend doubles events with Spicerack and am the event's organiser for the blog. If you have been following the blog, you will know by now how I like to game - OP style. I like to write in a sarcastic tone, at times, but overall try to bring quality stuff to the readers.

Spicerack is our resident Guard player. He is also my regular opponent. Spicerack attends far more tournaments than TommyH and I combined, but they are of the GW variety. He has won his fair whack of them also, so his articles are usually extremely popular and informative. Furthermore, Spicerack is the Super Heavy expert and routinely informs us of how Escalation will affect the game in his favour. We are expecting a complete overhaul of his Guard tactics articles once his beloved new codex comes out this year.

Cyphus is our third Eldar collector on the blog. Cyphus had become a regular commenter on the blog and we thought it would be nice to have another person on board with the program. Theme, fluff and hobby are his ball game. He is also a rumour follower like myself, and is there to report on stuff that I may have missed. Unlike the rest of us, Cyphus doesn't live in Australia! He is the night watchmen of the fort, keeping track on comments and news while we are all locked up asleep.

TommyH has been our most recent addition. His articles are usually quite serious in content and approach issues surrounding meta gaming and tournament play. He hasn't written anything recently, but we routinely bounce ideas around with him to get feedback on new tactics and strategies. He and I attend some of the more serious singles tournaments around Sydney with some relatively small success. Tommy will be meeting 2014 with a storm, and has a whole host of new articles up his sleeve for you guys to read.


New Releases:

We have a strange way in which to decipher the new army releases. It involves a lot of leaked information, arguments and calling each other idiots. In the end though, we usually come out with some useful information as the more competitive minds amongst us plug in ideas. We do this all on facebook chat, and it seems not a day goes by that there isn't a new tactic or exploit that pops up as a message notification. Hopefully we will continue to do so throughout 2014!



I try not to repeat anything that has been said all over the place already. I know that most of the world, including myself, reads forums and Faeit212 to get their rumour news and summaries, so there isn't much point for a small blog to repost known info. However, if I spot something that recently has popped up, I'll whack it up for those keen eyed viewers to get their hands on. There is a small host of blogs that do the same, so it is a good tip to follow each of them so you get the news as early as possible! 


Event Hosting:

Something of a new thing for us. It all began when we started playing The Hobbit. There had been a serious lack of tournament organisation happening in regards to GW's third gaming system, and us East Coast Aussies felt like we needed our own independent events to get the ball rolling. I should point out here that the majority of Australia's Lotr events have been located in Melbourne - meaning a lot of players were travelling interstate to do some serious gaming. However, no more! We have organised our first tournament for this saturday and have had a huge amount of Sponsorship from The Sound of Machine Painting, Clock Work Pirate Painting and Good Games: Town Hall. It should be a good one! In the future, we are looking to organise additional events for 40k. We will also be uploading the players packs to the blogs google drive so that anyone who wishes to organise their own event, and wishes to use our pre-made pack, may do so with our support.



This year is going to be great. More 40k codexes, more fantasy books and an entire host of dataslates, Black Library releases and other hobby related material. Not to mention a whole new year of events to go to!

We hope to grow 40kWarzone to include the community as much as possible. Anyone can write a guest post for us if they so wish, it just has to be relevant to the hobby! Plus, we are always looking for new contributors to the blog, so don't hesitate to contact us!  

Meet you at the next post!

- Out


  1. Congrats on a superb debut year chaps and thanks for all the hard work! More please!

    1. Thanks, and we will try to bring you loads more in the coming year!

  2. Keep up the good work, I'm new to viewing this blog but well enjoy it :]


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