Monday 6 January 2014

People DO play The Hobbit and LOTR, you just have to find them.

Been reading quite a bit about the scarcity of LOTR players in, and around, Games Workshop. I used to be one of those guys that would complain about The Hobbit taking up a release slot. I do agree that it is a seriously rare occasion to see games of LOTR being played at the local gaming stores, and it almost seems like, in comparison to 40k, no one collects it. However, I've discovered a lot of people do. 

When Spicerack, TommyH and I started up The Hobbit in October, we had no idea of the underground society of LOTR players within Australia. There is a facebook group of 200+ players, some of which are dedicated enough to travel long distances just to get some tournament games in. We recently just hosted a small 400 point tournament and, at short notice, got 8 players. That might not sound like much, but it is enough to get some serious games in.

The hilarious thing is, once we began to bring our models to the local GW store, all of the regular 40k crowd began to appear with warbands of their own. Some hadn't played in years, others were just starting up because they had seen the new movie. Either way, it can't be said that the LOTR scene in dead in Sydney. In fact, there are more events being organised for The Hobbit than 40k! Come the end of March, we would have attended four tournaments for GW's most "least played system." Yet, only one (maybe two) for 40k. 

The Hobbit is a great game. It is far more enjoyable then what a lot of people say it is. Okay, the models are horrifically expensive, but we have Ebay to help us out with that. HOWEVER, I can understand why people are hesitant about it. You don't want to get yourself a Warband to then find out no one can play you. That would be a disaster. However, if you live, and game, in a GW populated area, don't be surprised if you discover hidden LOTR players. They are out there, hiding in their Hobbit holes. You just need to urge them out.

- Out.

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  1. Well said. It's a sad reflection of our hobby when people bitch and moan about a game just because they don't play it.

    The blogging community needs to diversify a little and it's nice to see blogs such as this fine blog and Tale Of Painters start to give The Hobbit some love.


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