Sunday 5 January 2014

LOTR Tournament Debrief

Well, today was a great success! We, as a blog, held our first event - a 400 point LOTR tournament.

The number of gamers who play The Hobbit is very small in comparison to GW's other systems. When Spicerack, TommyH and I, began collecting it, we just gamed against each other as finding other players was a horrendous task. However, after attending one of the rare GW tournaments that featured The Hobbit, we were glad to find the stash of more regular/competitive players. Some had come up from Melbourne, but the majority were from sweet home Sydney. 

The problem with the Sydney LOTR scene is that there is very little organised action. GW, and maybe 1-2 other guys hold what events they can find time for, but overall it is far less than what is happening in the more Hobbit populated south. SO! We decided to start running events for N.S.W.

Here were the details of today's tournament:

400 points.
4 games.
100% Battle.

Very straight forward. Even though it was 100% Battle, we still had a Best Painted Prize, Best Sports and a load of other stuff. Only 8 players came, but that is actually considered to be a good turnout! Seriously, that is how desolate the Sydney scene is.

Anyway, congrats to everyone who got a prize:

1st - Jon.
2nd - Spicerack.
Best Painted - Ian.
Best Sports - TommyH .
Biggest Legend - Stephen.
Door Prize - Jason.

We are holding a 40k event at GW in february, followed by another LOTR tournament at Good Games in March.

- Out.

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