Sunday 1 December 2013

Think Tank: Stronghold Assault and Escalation.

These books will be very interesting.

I'm waiting to hear about the official wording on these books about how they will be integrated into the system. I know, I know. GW has said that they are all "official" by their advertisement. It doesn't get much clearer than:

"An amended force organization chart that allows players to choose Lords of War units as part of their standard Warhammer 40,000 armies."

....but, I still have some doubts. I would hate to turn up with my army, to discover that everyone in the store now has a Super Heavy. I am half expecting there to be some form of "agreement" about using the rules. Well I am hoping anyway. 

I can't see it being legal at events. Super Heavies that is. I know we are expecting the rules to change (Rumoured Str10 AP1 profiles for Destroyer Weapons) but I doubt that will change many current tournament set ups. Many tournaments will likely just state "No Imperial Armour or Super Heavies allowed." However, Fortifications should be allowed - in my opinion. Unless something drastically changes on Saturday, there aren't any "broken" fortifications right now. Although, in saying that, being able to start a flyer ON TOP of the Skyshield Pad is pretty awesome. Sky Shields are beginning to pop up everywhere these days, and the ability to start a Helldrake (as an example) will be enticing to a lot of people. Especially since it seems you can now take it in combination with other options. 

What are people thinking about the upcoming expansions?


  1. These are going to be like Planet Strike and Death from the Skies .. supplements. When was the last time you got a game in with one of those books .. Never? OK, then we already have an understanding of what's at work here. Sorry to be so blunt, but over the years, I see this fervor each time a supplement drops and then, bam, it means nothing.

  2. Last time I used those rules?.......not once. Haha.

    1. I actually kinda used the SR rules for my SM army lol


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