Friday 8 November 2013

Tyranid Rumour Watch: Info on Warrior box.

Well someone has supposedly seen the box.

Via Kaelarr over on Warseer:

Its right it isnt a dual kit. Also it looks like they are on 60mm bases. They got the broadside treatment....Its hard to judge as ive just seen the front of the box, but they do look bulkier and more squat than they did. 


If true, seems alright to me.

- Out.


  1. Toughness 5 incoming:) Finally.

    1. Broadsides aren't T5 they are bigger than a regular Crisis Suit now but still T4.

  2. What? 60mm? That would be outright stupid. 40mm is PERFECT for this kind of unit. They are terminator equivalent, not dreadnoughts.

  3. Mistakenly 50mm? Centurion equivalent?

  4. This would be horrible. First pushes them out of line with all other derived genui, raveners, lictors, etc. Second I have like 20+ that would be invalidated. Also, the sculpt I think is fine. A bit static but still looks good. They just need to add a nother sprue of options. Specially at their current cost.

    Though this new one would make an awesome warrior prime. Hoping that's what it is instead.


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