Thursday 7 November 2013

Tyranid Rumour Watch: Biomorphs.

Well more rumours seem to be dripping from the outer reaches of Tyranid held space. This time, about Biomorphs.

Remember that these are rumours and can be changed or disproved at any time.

Via BigRed on BOLS:
Look for a return of many biomorphs in a big way, led by available model options.
Many plastic models had access to many biomorphs with modeling options in 4th, and those parts are currently cosmetic.
The feeling is that the biomorph options were curtailed too strongly in the current book and if there is a modeling option for it in a plastic kit, it will have rules in the next codex. I'm looking at you Carnifex!!! 

Rumor rating: probable, coming from known good sources

- Out.

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