Wednesday 20 November 2013

Rumour Watch: Tyranids - Shadow of the Warp.

We are still awaiting some more pics that should, we hope, come out very shortly. Anyway, check this out. It's via "word of mouth" so the legitimacy is questionable.

Take it as you will.

Via Ronin on Warpshadow:
The shadow of the warp will shroud our forces, forcing overwatch rolls of 6 to be rerolled.



- Out.


  1. That sounds a little OP...... Just a little. Like...... Carnifex-sized-little....

  2. Rubbish... The shadow of the warp is not literally a shadow as in darkness - is a blank in the warp - that only psychics can detect and feel. If anything it will give synapse adamantum will and fear.

  3. Oh I really hope that isn't the case, that's a very ham-handed approach to slving Tyranid issues, and would point to a very poorly thought out book.

  4. Hmm if that were a biomorph you could buy for unit's that would mean re rolling 6's it'd be cool and fit with the fluff of nids being lighting fast. But not the shadow in the warp, that messes up psykers... hmmmm..


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