Tuesday 8 October 2013

Wraithknights and Cover: Common Mistakes.

Two things I want to cover in this post. Firstly, some cover save misconceptions that I have commonly run into while using my Knights, and secondly, some addition misconceptions about how to work out cover saves from Knight shooting.
However, quick intervention.....how badass is that paint job in the pic above?!?!?!

Right, down to business.

Monstrous Creatures and Cover:
Out of the past ten games I have used my Wraithknight's, over half of the players were shocked to find out that I could claim a cover save from area terrain. Many of them, admittedly, assumed that MC's had to be obscured - similar to vehicles. However, this is not the case. MC's determine cover the same was as all other non-vehicle models. Either from having the back of their base touching (a common tactic of mine) area terrain or from the normal 25%+ rule (good luck arguing about 25%).

Furthermore, for those Eldar players that may have missed this, Wraithknight's Ignore dangerous terrain tests for using their Jump Packs due to Move Through Cover.. This means you aren't taking two tests every time you jump in and out of area terrain.  Just something to keep in mind.

Wraithknight Shooting:
Here is a common tactic that I have used against many a Broadside team sitting behind an aegis defence line. It is applicable to most models on larger bases. If you Jump your Wraithknight to within a reasonable distance and angle (which isn't that difficult), you're high enough to completely ignore the Aegis Line.....even if the enemy model is touching it. Go ahead, try it! Sometimes with smaller models it won't work because of the nature of their posture but Broadsides/Crisis/Centurions etc are free pickings. Of course, if your opponent catches onto this then he will likely place it as far back as possible but that's only putting him in a worse deployment position. 



  1. Additional a MC can go to ground in terrain and get their 3+ cover save. Sometimes good when you will get charged anyway or save the last lifepoint.

    1. Hey mate, unfortunately, because the WK is Fearless he cannot Go to Ground.

  2. I'm fairly sure there is a clause in terrain about touching the defense line you get the save, However you can focus fire the guys with a worse cover save and destroy ranks 2+.

    1. hmm, tried looking, couldn't find it. Can you remember the paragraph/page number?

    2. I will double check when i get home in a few hours, work trumps hobby.


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