Thursday 31 October 2013

Rumour Watch: Tyranid Zoanthropes

The first of the model rumours are upon us. Via Bols:

-Multipart plastic kit makes 3 models.
-Flying bases.
-3 base bodies in the kit, 2 tails are coiled, one is curling slightly forward.
-Back plates and chests are identical for the three. These are wider and slightly taller than the current model. The base tail piece has 2 tiny claws that go on, but are not normal Tyranid ball sockets. The torso has 4 arm sockets. For these models the claw arms are similar to hormagaunt claws, but shorter. Kit contains a dozen arms, most are retracted, four are extended out. All are small atrophied limbs compared to other Tyranids. Two rows of back-vents.
- Multipart heads. There are separate pieces per head to make the mouths have more dimension. One has its tongue out, curling to the side. One closed mouth, one mouth is wide open. The head plate is wider and has a spiked ridge. The brains are exposed, no eyes.
-Tail loses the current model's spiked end.
-Slightly larger than the current model.
-Fundamentally an evolutionary kit from the current Zoanthrope to meet the requirements of injected plastic production.


  1. Wow, that sounds pretty good!

    1. Heres hoping we get a new warrior/ prime kit. Ive always wanted to make an 'elite' list for nids, and new warriors would convince me.

      Also, the on bols (think it was larry vela, but he may have just posted it) said that it might well by a combi kit *quote* "if not with venomthropes than something else"
      Im not sure if it was speculation or if there was more he couldnt reveal.

    2. ^also the author^

      Damn touchscreen!


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