Sunday 27 October 2013

Path of the Painter: Part 2

Take Instruction from Others

So, during my current Tau repainting project, I decided I wanted to try some new techniques. Now what I would used to do is to start a squad with no idea how to do it, and experiment.

But this time, I tried googling how to do it first. The technique in question is to do the following:

-to make a Stealth Suit appear 'stealthed'.
 I had no idea how to achieve this, but 5 minutes on google and I had a clear idea. So if your looking to improve your painting ability I suggest, as a starting point for tips, type this into google:

Painting *race name* >colour< *effect*
Eg. Painting Tau green stealth effect

Hope this helps all you budding beginner painters out there!

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