Sunday 27 October 2013

Meta Zombies - Drop dead tactics!

40k Zombies are hilarious. We just threw this list together and's actually pretty good!

Let's get one thing straight. You aren't going to table someone with this list. It's about denying your opponent winning. The basic zombie is great. Fearless and Feel No Pain. Plus, being uber cheap makes them particularly hilarious. Slow and Purposeful is an issue, but we have a way of circumventing that.

Here is the list:

-Chaos Lord: sigil of corruption; Juggernaut of Khorne; Axe of Blind Fury; Mark of Khorne; Veterans of the Long War. 
-Huron Blackheart 
-25 Plague Zombies 
-25 Plague Zombies 
-25 Plague Zombies 
-Heldrake: baleflamer. 
-Heldrake: baleflamer. 
-5 Chaos Spawn 
-5 Havocs: 4× autocannon. 
-Chaos Vindicator 
-Chaos Vindicator 

Black Legion Allies:
-Typhus 230 
-25 Plague Zombies 

- 1,850 points

100 zombies and some serious offensive power. We are a bit unsure about whether or not having Typhus as an ally makes it possible to still take them but his entry simply states "army" so we will go with that. The list can be jiggled around a bit to make him be in the primary detachment if need be. The important thing is to make sure that Huron Blackheart is the Warlord. Here is why:

Warlord Trait: Master of Deception.

haha. D3 units gain know what's going to happen. Infiltrating Zombies! Or outflanking.....

Okay, so D3 isn't always reliable, but it doesn't need to be. 66% of the time you will be getting two or more units gaining the rule. Even if only one gets it, you can gain some flexibility. Even if you only gain 6" further forward, it's an entire turn's worth of zombie movement saved.

Now, some would say that Zombies are useless. Not so. If we are palying the Relic, you better hope you have some Infiltrators of your own to stop me from gaining 6" of board space. Otherwise you are going to be swarmed by multiple zombie squads. One key tactic is to always assault, even if it's 10 inches away. Zombies can't run, so you might as well try and slingshot that addition distance.

Okay, different mission. Objectives. With a 2" coherency, I can an entire 2x2 foot board tile with an objective sitting snug in the middle. Even if you assault, there will still be enough press of zombies to keep you from getting within 3". Hilarious.

Of course, it is important to take note that there is also a Khorne Lord, two vindicators and two Helldrakes pressing forward with the swarm. Huron and Typhus can sit with a zombie squad each to buff their combat capability. Sure, if you have Manticores, mass Serpents or Tau, you can kill 20-30 zombies a turn but who cares? If you don't pump the offensive power of the list, you are going to get shredded. 

It's crazy, hilarious and fun to play.

What do people think?

- Out.


  1. That looks like a really fun list to use!!

  2. It looks fun and themey, but not all that strong for competitive play.

    To start with, I think that whilst the trick with Typhus is probably RAW legit, I doubt anyone would let you pull it off. A TO would most likely rule against you, and in a friendly I can forsee many people at the LGS refusing the game, since it clearly ignores a core game concept put forward but 90% of FAQs. You're probably right, but unfortunately that is the culture of this game.

    The issue is the speed and damage output. Yeah, infiltrators help you get into position to annoy your opponent's objectives, but it's not *that* hard to counterdeploy to stop this. The list also doesn't have enough anti tank to make Heldrakes good- typical CSM lists work by having enough big guns to force infantry out of cars, so the Heldrake can burn them up. Relying on vector strikes, 4 autocannons and 2 S10 blasts to open up even Rhinos probably isn't reliable enough.

    The list isn't that hard to kill either; FNP is considerably less valuable on a T3 platform, especially considering all the S6+ that Eldar and Tau put out. Thunderfire Cannons just ruin your day, especially in your relic scenario. Also, on this type of infantry, Fearless is a bad thing- GEQ need to have the ability to go to ground, otherwise they will simply get dakka'd off the face of the earth. Fearless takes away this ability, so...

    This list would be a decent thing to take to a comp event, it's pretty themey, but not all that strong. You'd probably have to drop a Heldrake to stop idiots who don't understand list design from forcing you to an automatic 1/5, but swapping a Drake for another Spawn unit would probably be an improvement here anyways.

    1. Can easily jiggle a few things around to smash Typhus in primary and Lord in allied.


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